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Welcome to the Waverider, fellow superhero fans! Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, The Flash, and Superman and Lois.

Let’s meet your hosts! The Wonder Twins, Martin the Flash and Jess aka Harley Quinn, started their podcasting journey in 2016 when they founded the SiberCast Network and launched Tomorrow’s Legends. Until 2020, the Wonder Twins exclusively covered DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but as a global pandemic continued on, they filled the Legends hiatus with Stargirl. In 2021, Tomorrow’s Legends officially expanded to cover Superman & Lois, and welcomed one more host onboard the Waverider, Geoff aka XForce11! XForce11 is a co-host on Gotham Undercover, a podcast dedicated to the TV show, Gotham. The trio has known each other for many years as members of the same superhero-loving communities.

At Tomorrow’s Legends, we have a tradition of using superhero names. We encourage all our friends to adopt a superhero alias and join us on the Waverider as we discuss the shows we love! If you need help with a superhero name, send us an email and we will help you choose one.

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Dec 1, 2018

The Heywoods visit the Waverider for a surprise visit and take Hank on a ride along to 1920s Paris. Ava shows Mona the ropes and the two form an unlikely friendship with Nora.


While Mona is late for her first day at the Time Bureau, Sara pays a surprise visit to her girl on her birthday! While Sara is busy distracting Ava, Hank enters her office forcing Sara to hide quickly and collect her belongings while Hank reviews budget numbers.

While Sara rushes off to return the Waverider before Hank and Nate realize she is gone, Ava is called to the containment cells when Mona sets off an alarm in Nora’s cell. Thinking she’s in danger, Ava rushes in and discovers Ray’s letter. Nora blasts Ava with magic to keep her from opening the letter and all three get locked inside the cell.

Mona convinces the other two to loosen up and with a little wine, they start to tell Mona their life stories. She cheers them up with cake and tells them what amazing people they are. Now I’m better spirits, Ava convinces Nora to open Ray’s letter and to everyone’s surprise, they find Ray instead of a letter! He blasts them out the prison cell.

On to the main story!

We last saw Sara attempting to follow Nate and Hank through the time portal to the Waverider. However, she runs into the delivery person and has to find another way onboard her ship. While she changes, Ray and Zari guide Nate’s tour around the Waverider to avoid Charlie. Mick has other plans though and steers him to the lab where he sees “Amaya”. He rushes to give her a hug and gets decked.

While Charlie pretends to be Amaya, Gideon identifies a fugitive in Paris 1927. Eager to please Hank, Sara, Nate and Mick head to Paris where Hank meets his idol, Ernest Hemingway. While Hank chats with Papa, Nate talks to Salvador Dali who has seen their magical creature. When Nate tries to return to the Waverider and research the creature, he runs Charlie and the Fitzgeralds. Charlie identifies the creature as a Minotaur over drinks and the team regroups after Hank is injured hunting the Minotaur.

Constantine and Nate collaborate to find a way to stop the Minotaur. Constantine will attract the beast with musk while Nate puts it to sleep with a lute. Hank confronts Nate, doubting his plan to lull the beast instead of shooting it. Sara backs Nate and the team heads back out to stop the Minotaur from killing everyone at the nightclub.

Constantine gets the beast’s attention and Nate begins to play the lute. Just as it is about to fall asleep, Hemingway feels the need to prove himself and pulls out a gun to shoot the Minotaur. Sara prevents him from doing so, but the trance is broken. The minotaur attacks Nate and breaks the lute. Trusting in Nate’s plan, for once, Hank grabs a guitar and sings the minotaur to sleep, finishing the mission in true Legends fashion.

Nate sends his dad off to 2018 and stays with the team for a post-mission pizza party, which felt an awful lot like a farewell Nate party. I guess we shall see what the future holds for his character.



EW Recap for Tender is the Nate


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