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Welcome to the Waverider, fellow superhero fans! Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, The Flash, and Superman and Lois.

Let’s meet your hosts! The Wonder Twins, Martin the Flash and Jess aka Harley Quinn, started their podcasting journey in 2016 when they founded the SiberCast Network and launched Tomorrow’s Legends. Until 2020, the Wonder Twins exclusively covered DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but as a global pandemic continued on, they filled the Legends hiatus with Stargirl. In 2021, Tomorrow’s Legends officially expanded to cover Superman & Lois, and welcomed one more host onboard the Waverider, Geoff aka XForce11! XForce11 is a co-host on Gotham Undercover, a podcast dedicated to the TV show, Gotham. The trio has known each other for many years as members of the same superhero-loving communities.

At Tomorrow’s Legends, we have a tradition of using superhero names. We encourage all our friends to adopt a superhero alias and join us on the Waverider as we discuss the shows we love! If you need help with a superhero name, send us an email and we will help you choose one.

Thanks so much for all your support! Please comment below, and as always, we love to hear from you, so send us feedback and we'll respond to it on the next episode! Also, don't hesitate to share us with all your superhero friends!


Sep 30, 2021

The Waverider has landed in Blue Valley.  Eclipso is going after every member of the JSA. Now that Yolanda has turned in her Wildcat costume, he is on to Beth and Rick. Beth is made to feel like a fraud and a pretender to the Doctor Mid-Nite title. She is blamed for her parents' divorce. But she sees through his...

Sep 24, 2021

The Waverider has landed in Blue Valley.  Yolanda is fighting demons of Brainwave & Brainwave Jr. But is it really Brainwave in her head, Eclipso, her own guilt or a combination of all three? Courtney has a good time with Cameron, but quickly realizes her friend is in trouble. The Staff is still weak. Beth is battered...

Sep 16, 2021

The Waverider has landed in Blue Valley.  The members of the new ISA are taunting our JSA members. Cindy has kidnapped Mike as bait to lure Courtney and the JSA to battle. Eclipso wants to steal all the souls and take Courtney's last. The battle begins in the cafeteria and it is an even match. But then Cindy pulls...

Sep 9, 2021

The Waverider has landed in Blue Valley. Pat & Barbara are trying to hold back the full truth about Eclipso from the JSA. But Stargirl is seeking out The Shade for info. Eclipso has taken over Mr. Deisinger and the twisted artwork is bringing out each of our heroes worst fears. The Staff's light saves the day but for...

Sep 6, 2021

It's Finale time!! Season 6 comes to a close!

The Waverider is still in 1925 in  Odessa, Texas. The Fountain is on deaths door and so is Spooner. The Legends head to 2212 to steal the younger version of Bishop. He is able cure Spooner but the Fountain has given up on Earth. Zargons arrive and Sara & Ava decide to get...