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Welcome to the Waverider, fellow superhero fans! Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, The Flash, and Superman and Lois.

Let’s meet your hosts! The Wonder Twins, Martin the Flash and Jess aka Harley Quinn, started their podcasting journey in 2016 when they founded the SiberCast Network and launched Tomorrow’s Legends. Until 2020, the Wonder Twins exclusively covered DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but as a global pandemic continued on, they filled the Legends hiatus with Stargirl. In 2021, Tomorrow’s Legends officially expanded to cover Superman & Lois, and welcomed one more host onboard the Waverider, Geoff aka XForce11! XForce11 is a co-host on Gotham Undercover, a podcast dedicated to the TV show, Gotham. The trio has known each other for many years as members of the same superhero-loving communities.

At Tomorrow’s Legends, we have a tradition of using superhero names. We encourage all our friends to adopt a superhero alias and join us on the Waverider as we discuss the shows we love! If you need help with a superhero name, send us an email and we will help you choose one.

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Nov 17, 2018

Swamp Thaaaang attacks Camp Ogawa...NOT! A vampiric witch is kidnapping children and draining their life force in a 1990’s summer camp. Ava joins team Legends in the field as they go undercover as camp counselors to uncover the magical fugitive.


Ava and Sara are attempting to have a quiet movie night when Sara realizes the horror movie they are about to watch is brand new to her. Sara tries to ask Gideon (forgetting she is at Ava’s place) and Gideon calls her cell phone instead. It’s off to 1995!

The team go undercover as camp counselors and, well, some are better at being counselors (Sara and Ray) than others (Ava and John). No surprise there. Counselor John gets “lost in the woods” and sets a magical perimeter that will keep the monster out, but, unbeknownst to them, there is a secret camper ritual: meet in the woods at midnight for a kiss.

After two kids disappear, each of our counselors tries their own tactics to learn what’s happened to the growing number of missing children. Eventually, one of the girls “confesses,” but it just turns out to be a prank. An unsuspecting Ava heads down to the docks to summon the Lake Beast only to be knocked into the water by the girls. Sara tells Ava about a potion she got from John that will turn them into children and convinces her to bond with the girls.

Meanwhile, John and Ray take to the woods to search for the creature. It turns out they are looking for a striga, or a vampiric witch which feeds, slowly, off the children’s life force. They track the children to a cabin in the woods where they are locked away in cages and all but dead.

Sara and Ava bond with the girls and discover the midnight meet up. They quickly follow the string into the woods in search of the striga. They run into the camp director and as it turns out, she is not a striga. Back on the Waverider, Mick has been bonding with Charlie and she reveals that the striga is a gorgeous bloke: Counselor Chad.

John and Ray cast a spell to pull the lifeforce from the striga and direct it back to the children. Sara and Ava are now able to defeat the weakened striga, driving a stake through it. Despite all their efforts, one of the children will not wake-up and John channels his own life force into the child, saving him. Although noble, Constantine’s efforts have left him in critical condition that only another experienced dark arts practitioner will be able to reverse (they hope).


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