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Nov 12, 2016

Don't get your time streams crossed as we travel back to the '80s for this week's episode. Damien Darhk is doing his best Miami Vice impression while requesting payment for nefarious dealings in rare relics. The Reverse Flash speeds into the scene, taking out several DEA agents in the process, to tell Darhk he can offer him real power.

Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Jax and Dr. Stein are arguing about their role to protect history. Jax wants to make things better, a little at a time, while Dr. Stein and Sara argue they have been charged with protecting history. Jax sees the team as little better than time janitors, cleaning up other people's messes. We see Ray trying to get the hang of the cold gun under Mick's tutelage and Nate has managed to build a time seismograph. As he explains it to Amaya, it goes off, signaling a large time quake originating at the White House in 1987.

Nate and Amaya try to locate the JSA while the rest of our team infiltrates the White House while taking a tour. Dr. Stein runs into his younger self, who is now working at the White House since the aberration occurred. Mick and Ray discover the source of the aberration when they encounter Darhk amongst the President's advisers. They report back to Sara who switches off coms and goes to confront Darhk and avenge her sister. A security agent at the White House notices her knife and stops her just as Mick and Rory catch-up with her. A stand-off ensues and Firestorm comes to the rescue.

Back on the Waverider, our team argue over their blown mission, blaming Sara and Ray for blowing the operation. Nate and Amaya question Obsidian about what happened to the JSA and learned they were all killed on a mission to Leipzig in 1956. After learning of Darhk's plan, Ray and Mick stake out the park to find out his plans. Just as Darhk begins his meeting with the KGB, young Dr. Stein interrupts the meeting and does not realize what is happening until it is too late. Darhk stabs him and leaves him for dead. Our Legends bring him aboard the Waverider, again, to save the lives of both Dr. Steins.

During the stake out, they learn about the state dinner and Amaya convinces Obsidian to get them into the dinner. The team goes in and finds Darhk in a basement, brokering a deal with the Russians for another relic. A fight breaks out and just as Sara confronts Darhk, spelling out his future, the Reverse Flash speeds through and takes Darhk away. While this has been happening, Ray and Mick are working to disable the bomb Darhk has placed upstairs. 

In the final scene, we see Darhk enter the time sphere and Reverse Flash sends him somewhere in time.

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