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Apr 18, 2019

When Jane Austin’s literary future is mysteriously halted, the Legends leave Hank’s funeral to save Mona’s favorite author. They discover the Hindu god of love is responsible for some very strange behavior.

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As the Legends arrive at Hank’s funeral to support Nate, a magical creature is discovered in Jane Austin’s home town. Sara leaves the funeral with Ray and Zari to save history once again. Meanwhile, Mick and Constantine stay behind with Nate and discover that Hank’s spirit is still present in the house.

On the Waverider, Ray proclaims that he is going to QB the mission from mission, acting just a little weirder than normal, so he can rendevouz with Nora while the team is gone. Charlie, Mona, Zari and Sara head off to England to see what has derailed Jane Austin’s literary legacy. As it turns out, a mysterious gentleman masquerading as a charming coachman is a magical fugitive and responsible for the very odd behavior in Jane’s hometown.

While Sara and Mona chat with Jane and try to discover what caused her to stop writing, Zari asks the coachman some questions and discovers (after making out with him) that he is the magical fugitive. Sara and Mona come to the same conclusion and rush to help Zari, but as it turns out, Z is not one to give into temptation. The three escort the Hindu god of love back to the Waverider.

After some scintillating dreams, Zari fights with Mona and then confronts the man who claims to the be the Hindu god. As it turns out, he is not actually a god, but a human who collected the ashes of the real god to harness his power. He challenges Zari to give into love and let down her guard. Rankled, Zari accepts the challenge and one of the wackier sequences in Legends ensues.

While Zari is off experiencing love and lust with Sanjay, Mona as Wolfy confronts Jane Austin and forces her to admit she does believe in true love and romance. She comforts Wolfy/Mona and tells her that losing control is not the answer.

And back to Zari. She has somehow conjured magical music that is quite literally infectious and quickly spreads to the entire team and many of the townsfolk. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the middle of Bollywood scene. So Legends.

Mona returns, embraces the musical, and sings Zari off the metaphorical ledge. Before she can marry Sanjay and become his 1,001 wife, she convinces her to come back to her senses while remaining open to love. It works. The spell is broken and the team return to the Waverider.

During all of this, Ray has hidden Nora in his room on the Waverider. That should be interesting when we see the consequences of the magical music that took their relationship to another level.

And last but not least, Constantine conducts a séance with Mick to put Hank’s spirit to rest. He admits that he was working with the demon Neron and Constantine is visibly shaken. Meanwhile, Nate discovers his father’s secret layer where he was working on a magical amusement park called Hayworld.



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