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A podcast dedicated to the television show DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Join hosts Martin "The Flash" and Jess aka "Harley Quinn" as they discuss the CW's latest superhero television show.
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Oct 25, 2016

This week, we join the Legends in 1942, the year in which they were doomed to die as they team-up with the Justice Society of America. But before they join forces, the JSA captures the Legends in a battle where they show off their coordination and super powers. Our "team" just cannot keep up!

The JSA deliberate how to best deal with the Legends, who at best belong in a mental institution according to their assessment, and refuse to believe their time travel story. Dr. Heywood reveals intimate details about Commander Steel, details only a very close family member would know, and we learn Dr. Heywood has met his own grandfather who died before he was born. The JSA release the Legends from their prison and they explain how and when they have met Rex Tyler.

In flashback, Rex Tyler informs the team they will all die in 1942 and proceeds to vanish right before their eyes. Tyler has no recollection of this encounter because for him, in 1942, it hasn't happened yet. 

We cut to Paris 1942 and see Eobard Thawne meeting with Herr Krieger to give him a super serum. His goal is to destroy the JSA and deliver America to Hitler on a silver platter. He is also searching for an amulet with mysterious powers.

In a less then democratic fashion, Dr. Stein is named captain of the Legends and the team decide how best to continue on their mission of preventing aberrations. Sara tries to kick Dr. Heywood off the team, but they discover his dog tags have disappeared and the JSA is in mortal danger. They return to 1942 to save the JSA.

Dr. Stein goes undercover as Max Lorenz, a famous Austrian singer, and treats us to a rendition of Edelweiss. Meanwhile, the team is working to procure intel on the whereabouts of the amulet. After Ray refuses to salute Hitler, a brawl ensues and the rest of the JSA come to the rescue. 

After convincing the JSA they need their help, our Legends track down the convoy carrying the amulet. During the battle, Ray and Vixen are captured by Herr Krieger. As Sara and Rex deliberate on the best way to complete the mission, Ray comes up with a plan to free himself and Vixen with a microscope.

The JSA and the Legends work together to recover Ray and Vixen and return to the Waverider. As they are heading back, Dr. Heywood and Commander Steel encounter a bomb and Dr. Heywood is critically injured. Ray saves the day when he injects Dr. Heywood with an improved version of the super serum, saving his life. The JSA and the Legends say their goodbyes and our team leaves 1942. 

In the closing scene, we see Rex Tyler stowing the amulet for safekeeping. Eobard Thawne speeds into their lair and kills Rex Tyler to prevent him from warning the Legends not to return to 1942. He takes the amulet and Vixen finds Rex Tyler, dying, who tells her a time traveler has killed him. 

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Oct 15, 2016

Welcome back Legendaires! The anticipated Season 2 premiere did not disappoint! It was fun, fast-paced and set-up some big things for this season. We started the episode with the introduction of a brand new character, Dr. Nate Heywood, who has discovered our Legends are in trouble. He enlists the help of Oliver Queen to find the Waverider and discover what happened to the Legends.

Aboard the Waverider, we find Mick Rory in stasis and are reminded of the closing scene of the finale where Rex Tyler encounters the Legends in 2016 to warn them about the dangers that lay ahead. Mick tells Oliver and Dr. Heywood what he remembers.

We join our team in France at the court of King Louis XIII where they are protecting the King from assassins traveling through time and disrupting key points in history. Hilarity and violence ensue when the rogue time travelers pull out laser guns and attempt to assassinate the King. Our team engages the assassins with the full force of their capabilities to the confusion of those around them. Meanwhile, Sara is keeping the Queen of France occupied. 

After successfully preventing the aberration, the team discusses their next destination aboard the Waverider. A time quake rocks the ship and Rip reveals that an A-bomb has destroyed New York in 1942, three years before the A-bomb was actually created. Despite Rex Tyler's warning of impending death, the team decides to travel to 1942 and prevent New York for being nuked by kidnapping Einstein. Meanwhile, Sara tracks down Damien Darkh in 1942 to kill him and avenge Laurel. Ray stops her before she can kill him and they discover that he is working with the Germans.

After Stein, Rory and Rip kidnap Einstein, it is revealed that they have not saved New York and the aberration is still set to occur. Einstein reveals that his wife Mileva, is also capable of building an A-bomb and Darkh must have kidnapped her instead. The team sets off to confront Darkh and stop him from procuring the A-bomb. During the confrontation, Ray's suit cannot withstand the radiation for long enough to defuse the bomb and the team is forced to retreat without the bomb. 

Darkh boards a U-boat with the A-bomb and arms a torpedo with it. Rip steers the Waverider into the ocean and follows the U-boat to stop the Germans from nuking New York. When they fail to stop the U-boat before the torpedo is launched, Rip uses the Time Scatter protocol to scatter the team throughout time. He then knocks out Rory and puts him in stasis since his injuries prevent him from traveling through time. The final scene of the flashback shows Rip aboard the Waverider and the bomb exploding.

Back in present day, Oliver sends Dr. Heywood with Rory to find the rest of the team throughout history. The newest team member proceeds to find the Legends one by one throughout history and Mick pilots the Waverider to rescue them all. Once the team is assembled, Dr. Heywood reveals he cannot find any trace of Rip and Gideon plays his touching final message. Without Rip, our team makes one final change to history to ensure the Einstein's safety. As they are about to board the Waverider, they are stopped by four members of the JSA.

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