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May 24, 2016

In our season one finale, Rip leaves the remaining members of the team back in 2016 to continue hunting for Savage alone. After attempting to move on with their lives, each member of the team returns to the spot where the Waverider left them, intent on signaling it to come back. Rip returns and the team is reunited.

Sara confronts Rip and he admits he knew Laurel would die, explaining they cannot go back to save her without sentencing her entire family to die. When trying to come-up with a plan, a helmet in Rip's office relocates itself and the team discovers a note from Kendra. Savage, Kendra and Carter are in France, 1944.

We learn Savage's end game, and why Kendra and Carter are still alive: he needs their blood to activate the Thanagarian technology in the meteorites to erase all of time and plunge the world back to 1700 BC. While Firestorm attempts to harness transmutation, Dr. Stein realizes that Savage is going to detonate the meteorites in three different time periods. After doing complicated math, which, trust us, is always right, he discovers the three time periods where Savage is headed.

The team hatches a plan to kill Savage in three different time periods after exposure to the meteorite radiation renders him mortal. Surprise! After an entire season of trying to kill Savage, the plan finally works and Savage is defeated. Unfortunately, the team fails to diffuse the third meteorite and Rip decides to sacrifice himself to save the team.

After being "reunited" with his family and gaining a sense a peace, Rip wakes to Gideon explaining that she isn't ready to die. He decides he isn't either and sends the meteor into the sun while time jumping back to 2021 to pick-up the team. He proposes they should protect the timeline, as a team, and sends them all back to 2016 to make their decisions, except for Mick. Mr. Rory returns to 2013 so he can say goodbye to his partner in crime and friend, Leonard Snart. 

Just as the team come to the decision that they will rejoin with Rip, they are interrupted by... another Waverider? No one knows from when, or why, it has returned, and Rex Tyler steps off the ship to keep them from leaving on their new mission. He proclaims he is a part of the Justice Society of America and Mick Rory sent him back to this point to stop them from getting on the Waverider and head to their deaths.

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May 15, 2016

After last week's episode, we find our team in captivity at the Vanishing Point minus Sara and Snart who managed to hide from the soldiers sent to capture them. While Rory undergoes the induction process again, Druce reveals the Time Masters have been pulling the strings all along. Nothing our team has done this season has been of their own free will.

As proof, Druce shows Rip the Occulus which allows the Time Council to manipulate time to the outcome of their choosing. With an invasion from Thanagar imminent, they have chosen Savage to save humanity. When Rip views the Occulus time stream, he witnesses Ray's death as well as all the actions our team has performed over the season thus far.

Meanwhile, Sara and Snart debate if they should rescue the team back on the Waverider and with a little help from Gideon, come up with a plan to liberate the Waverider and their friends. After time jumping from the Vanishing Point to the Vanishing Point, Sara and Snart rescue the team and determine a plan to destroy the Occulus Wellspring, the source of the Time Masters' power.

But, it's a trap! Our team walks right into the waiting arms of Druce and his cronies. Just when we think all is lost, Jax returns from 2016 and takes out the forces ready to kill our team. Firestorm is reunited and the team rushes off to blow-up the Occulus. Sadly, Snart finally settles the "I will sacrifice myself for the good of the team" battle and stays behind to disengage the fail safe. Our team escapes, including Ray in Rip's pocket, as the Occulus supernovas, killing Snart and Druce. 

While Rory vows vengeance on Savage to avenge his partner, we learn that Savage cannot rule the world without the aid of the Time Masters pulling the strings. He jumps back in time with Kendra and Carter in tow, leaving us to wonder how this will all end.

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May 7, 2016

The team is uneasy about having Savage aboard the Waverider and are eager to be rid of him. When they discover Savage has also been manipulating time, they plot a course to the Vanishing Point to turn him in and clear their own names.

Our team members confront Savage one-by-one throughout the episode and seeds of mistrust are sown. Rory and Snart want to return to 2016 while Sara and Dr. Stein are prepared to stay with Rip and fight.

After their confrontation with the Leviathan, the Waverider has suffered a lot of damage and the time drive is taxed from super sizing Ray. The time drive gives out about halfway through their journey and Rip sends Jax to fix it, but an explosion of time radiation leaves him with irreversible damage.

To save Jax, Dr. Stein sends him back through time to 2016 and forces the rest of the team to continue to the Vanishing Point with Rip. After Ray accidentally releases Savage, Rory, Snart, Ray and Kendra attempt to take down Carter and Savage. Carter emerges when Savage threatens Kendra and attacks him, allowing Kendra to finally gain the upper hand.

Sara pilots the Waverider to the Vanishing Point where Rip presents Savage to the time council. In a surprising turn of events, the time council reveals they are in league with Savage and capture Rip and his team.

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May 7, 2016

Left with no other choice, our team journeys to the year 2166 to confront Vandal Savage at the height of his power. After their first kidnap attempt fails, one of Savage's "lieutenants"identifies our team of time travelers in the crowd. Kendra notices the lieutenant is wearing her bracelet from her first life and notifies the team it can be used to kill Savage.

Rip sends Snart and Rory to recover the bracelet and they return with the lieutenant. During Snart's creative interrogation, we learn the lieutenant is really Cassie Savage which explains why Savage has entrusted her with the bracelet. We learn her mother was killed by the Armageddon virus Savage released, although Cassie thinks Per Degaton is responsible for the deaths of millions.

Meanwhile, Ray and Dr. Stein are trying to figure out wha tSavage's super weapon is while Rory and Kendra work on a super weapon of their own. Ray and Dr. Stein come to the conclusion tha tthe super weapon is a giant weapon and Ray works out a plan to stop it from killing the remaining refugees and our team.

In the closing scenes, we witness the fight between Ray and agiant self-aware version of his own ATOM suit. Cut to the team confronting Savage, with Cassie on their side, and Kendra swoops into "save the day." Unfortunately, just as Kendra is about to put an end to Savage, a brainwashed Carter stops her from killing him. The team has to settle with kidnapping Savage instead of Kendra killing him in order to preserve Carter's memories.

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