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Nov 22, 2018

Filmmaker Ishiro Honda brings a giant octopus to life using a magical diary that turns artists’ inspiration into reality. While the Legends figure out how to keep Tokyo from being destroyed in 1951, Team Time Bureau hires a new employee when their magical wards ransack the Bureau.


Ishiro Honda “discovers” a giant octopus in the Tokyo bay while filming, which sends up a magic alert to the Waverider. The octopus will eventually destroy the city if the Legends cannot find a way to capture the apparent fugitive. With Constantine on death’s door, Sara decides it will be best to divide and conquer. She will take Mick, Zari and Charlie to 1951 while Ray tracks down Nora in 2018.

Our team in Tokyo tracks down the octopus footage to understand what they are up against, but Charlie denies this is a magical fugitive. Skeptical, they return to Honda’s set to lure out the monster, shrink it down, and contain it. But before they can find the monster, they find Honda, tossing a book in the water. Except this is no ordinary book, it’s the magical fugitive they have been looking for. When the book flies out of the water and back into Honda’s hands, the team confronts him and demands some answers.

Charlie explains that the book was a gift to humanity from the Celtic goddess Brigid and it has the power to turn dreams into reality. The book was supposed to be a gift for humanity, bringing humankind's greatest dreams to fruition, but Honda has witnessed true horrors in his life. He channels those horrors of WWII Japan into a creation he calls Tagumo, a giant octopus who is destined to destroy Tokyo. Honda tries to change his ending, but the team quickly learns that isn’t possible. The book will have to bond with someone else if they are to change the fate of Tokyo.

While Zari tries to convince Mick he is a talented writer and he can save Tokyo by bonding with the book, Tagumo attacks!!! Sara and Charlie rush off to shrink the octopus, and they succeed, even if Charlie did run off at first. Luckily, she changes her mind and distracts Tagumo long enough for Sara to shrink him. Unfortunately, he was in the sewer system and now that he is small, they can’t seem to find him. It’s up to Mick to save the day.

Garima, a three-breasted warrior, comes to life and battles Tagumo just as he is about to kill his maker. Instead of destroying Tokyo, they destroy Honda’s model city and Garima is ultimately victorious. But the story isn’t over yet! After saving the city from ruin and defeating the monster, she still has unfinished business with her man Mick, I mean Buck. As the team watches with morbid curiosity, Mick and Garima seal the deal. In his last conversation with Honda, Mick tells him to focus on lizards as the King of Kaiju.

Meanwhile in 2018, Ray finds Nora and explains John’s situation. Although hesitant to use her magic at first, she decides to give it a try. Fortunately for John, she is able to save his life without taking another. Nora Darhk is well on her path to redemption, so much so she has decided it is time to stop running and she needs to repent for her past sins. With that, she travels to the Time Bureau and promptly turns herself in as Ray looks on.

At the D.C. Time Bureau, Gary is left in charge of the magical menagerie when Hank Heywood invites Ava to Thanksgiving dinner with the (dysfunctional) Heywood family. Of course things go horribly wrong when Gary has Thanksgiving dinner delivered to the TIme Bureau by none other than Mona. Hangry magical creatures awaken and start to ransack the Time Bureau, forcing Gary to call Ava and Nate for help.

Already looking for an excuse to leave, Nate time couriers to the bureau to help Gary handle the crisis. He discovers Mona, who has discovered the magical creatures, and comes to an odd realization: the monsters are hungry. Mona, who apparently reads a lot, knows not only what the monsters eat but where to find it on Thanksgiving. She rushes off while Gary and Nate attempt to minimize the damage.

The Heywood’s eventually realize something is up when it is time to carve the turkey and Nate is still missing. Ava fesses up and takes Hank to the Time Bureau. They arrive just in time to find… Gary, Nate and Mona have everything handled. Hank is suitably impressed, he bonds with his son, and they return home just a moment after they had left. Just as Nate starts to carve the turkey, Hank receives a phone call. He steps away and we learn that Project Hades is now a go. Duhn Duhn Duuuuuuuuuhn!


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