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Mar 9, 2018

After Ray is kidnapped by the Darhks, he has to team up with Nora to discover cold fusion (and avoid continued torture). Hilarity ensues as Nora and Ray get stranded in 1962 after confronting a younger, deadlier Damien and the elder Damien confronts himself to rescue them.




Wondering why all the dishes are still dirty, the Legends go about their morning not realizing Ray Palmer is no longer on the Waverider, until Gary plays a message from Ray. Apparently, Damien Darhk loves the Grateful Dead? Or not, he just wants to keep the Legends busy while he uses Ray to fix the fire totem.


They head to Upswipz so Ray has a lab and he reveals the only way to put the totem back together again is cold fusion, which doesn’t exist. Or does it? It seems Damien Darhk was hired to kill the scientist who invented cold fusion before anyone knew it even existed. Nora, eager to prove herself, convinces Damien to let her take Ray and recover the scientist. In true Dad fashion, Damien gives them a “curfew” and tells them to use “protection.” (Gross.)


In typical Legends fashion, Ray and Nora almost immediately break character. Unfortunately, the scientist calls out for help and shenanigans ensue. Hitman Darhk catches up with them and they jump onto a laundry truck to escape. They forge some papers and head for the border, but just as they are about to make it across, both Damien Darhks catch-up with them. Daddy Darhk, Nora, Ray and Dr. Vogel all escape, but Hitman Darhk follows them. He takes Nora prisoner after she argues with her father and storms off.


Daddy Darhk and Ray are having a heart-to-heart when the phone rings. Damien answers and hears a familiar voice. He offers an exchange: Nora for the scientist. Damien ties Ray up and rushes off to rescue his daughter. Unfortunately, Hitman Darhk gets the upper hand when he tosses Nora off the roof, forcing Daddy Darhk to wage a war on two fronts. Eventually, Hitman Darhk gets the upper hand and Nora, selflessly, tells her father to let her go and save himself. As she falls to her death, the Spirit totem activates and she flies up to save her father from himself.


Meanwhile, Ray escapes and joins the Darhks on the roof. He is too late to save Dr. Vogel, but he does manage to hang on to the doll concealing the secret of cold fusion. Nora confronts him and he shoots a hole in the Berlin wall to alert the Legends to his presence. Unfortunately, this anachronism is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and time begins to rip apart. Wally speeds to the roof to rescue Ray and acquire a souvenir from Damien.


In the closing scenes, Grodd returns to kills Director Bennett, Ray reveals he has the hots for Nora, and Rip issues an ominous, vague command to Gideon. Oh yeah, and Mallus is breaking free of his prison and taking over Nora’s body.




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