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Feb 17, 2018

John Constantine joins the Legends in an unexpected quest to save Nora Darhk from the demon Mallus. The team loses Nora to the Order, preserving her future and our present, while Mallus gains a stronger hold over our Captain.




John Constantine breaks into an asylum to save Emily (aka Nora Darhk) and discovers something he was not expecting: the demon possessing Nora is Mallus and knows Sara Lance. Constantine tracks down the Legends in Central City and questions Sara about her involvement with Mallus. Sara reveals she traveled to the spirit world, allowing her to be known to, and tracked by, Mallus. She then convinces Constantine to allow her and the Legends to tag along to the exorcism.


As soon as they arrive and find Nora, Kuasa arrives at the asylum to prevent the Legends from interfering with Mallus’ possession of Nora Darhk. Amaya takes her on while the rest of the Legends try to wake Nora. In the end, Nate leaves to help Amaya and uses Leo’s cold gun to freeze Kuasa. They return to the Waverider with Kuasa while Sara, Leo and Constantine stay behind to exorcise Nora.


Unfortunately, Mallus is too strong for Constantine to handle and Mallus/Nora create an incantation to send Constantine and our two Legends back in time. They are now stranded in 1969 with no weapons and no way to communicate with the rest of the Legends throughout time. They decide to go with only way they know to communicate through time: place a note behind a painting and hope the Legends left in 2017 can find it.


Foiled again! Leo tries to plant the note and is stopped by orderlies. The younger version of Nora’s psychiatrist appears and orders Leo taken to surgery for a lobotomy. Meanwhile, John and Sara wander the halls of the asylum while Mallus haunts Sara, trying to break her. Constantine finds a way to reach her and cast Mallus out, for now. Then, unsure of who is seducing who, they make good use of a secluded laundry room. Luckily for Leo, they find him before he is lobotomized.


Meanwhile in 2017, Mick tries to watch a football but can’t hear for the rest of the team bickering! He pipes up and tells them all what to do, all in the name of peace, quiet and football. Ray and Zari head to the asylum, Nate and Amaya go their separate ways, and Kuasa remains frozen a little while longer.


Ray and Zari break Nora out of the asylum and bring her to Star City Jitters. Unfortunately, breaking news takes Nora back to her darkest days right after Oliver killed her father. Mallus makes his entrance and creates quite a scene in Jitters.


Meanwhile, Constantine summons Mallus into Sara so she can perform the time incantation that brought them to 1969 in the first place. While she is in the spirit world, she encounters Nora and encourages her to fight back. Luckily for her, she picks the exact time Nora is about to kill Zari, one of the Six, and Nora takes her body back from Mallus. Sara finishes her incantation and the Legends return to 2017. Daddy Darhkest makes his entrance, ensuring that his daughter is put back under the Order’s control so she may eventually resurrect him in her future (and the Legends past).


Back on the Waverider, Amaya has an informative chat with her granddaughter, too informative some might say, before Nate interferes. Kuasa does her best to kill him, but Amaya promises she will save her if she lets him go.


In the closing scenes, Constantine warns Ray to keep his nanite gun close as he may need to use it on Sara in the near future. Leo and Mick share a heartfelt goodbye during a football game. Lastly, Agent Sharpe appears and informs the team Rip Hunter has escaped!




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