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Mar 11, 2017

The Waverider falls through the time stream and lands in the Cretaceous Period after evil Rip Hunter utters the override command and forces Gideon to obey him once again.

Spaniel. Broad. Tricycle.


The Legends have deduced who has the final piece of the Spear but not when he might be hidden. Gideon searches for the piece using the medallion but cannot process data fast enough to find the location before Rip uses her to escape from the brig. He takes the medallion, initiates the Spectrum protocol and attempts to make it to the jump ship and escape from the Waverider. The Legends confront him and he destroys the medallion. Now, only Rip knows when Commander Steel is with the final piece.

Mick knocks Rip unconscious while Jax reboots the ship, sending them into a freefall through time. Gideon comes back online and jumps to the oldest location in her logs, which happens to be the same time period where Ray was stranded in the premiere of this season. Unfortunately, a vital piece of the ship has been lost during the rough landing. Ray sets out to recover it from his old stomping grounds with Nate and Amaya.

Meanwhile on the Waverider, Mick explains to Sara the Time Masters used a process called coggy something, ah yes, Cognitive Intrusion. It is a barbaric Matrix-style process that let’s Sara and Jax enter the subconscious mind of Rip Hunter. While Martin and Mick supervise, Sara and Jax take a trip down the rabbit hole to change Rip back to his old self. As soon as they arrive, they realize they are still on the Waverider in Rip’s mind with some key changes.

Rip’s memory of Vandal Savage’s soldiers march past them as they begin to search for Rip. Searching for weapons to defend themselves, Sara encounters her evil doppelganger. After defeating herself, Sara and Jax continue to search for Rip and come face to face with evil versions of Sara, Firestorm, Ray and Rory (well, Rory is pretty much the same, but still). Jax takes off with Firestorm in pursuit, but Sara is knocked out by evil Ray and tossed in the brig. Surprisingly, Rip is cowering in the corner, terrified of everything around him and forgetting who he really is. After giving Firestorm the slip, Jax finds Gideon in human form, presumably as Rip has always imagined her. They find Sara and Rip and help them escape.

Gideon explains that only Rip can defeat the evil version of the Legends keeping him imprisoned in his own mind. Sara and Jax wake-up while Rip completes the final obstacle in his mind: leaving a human Gideon behind. In a tender moment, Rip kisses Gideon and wakes up from his trance, finally restored to his former self. He joins the Legends on the bridge as one by one, they welcome him back to the team.

In the final scene, we learn where the final piece of the Spear is hidden. Eobard Thawne is posing as a doctor for the space program in 1970 and is about to “examine” astronaut Jack Swigert, a last minute addition to the Apollo 13 team.

Houston, we have a problem.

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