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Nov 25, 2017

Welcome to the jungle at the height of the Vietnam War. It’s time for Operation Toughlove which could change the course of history.




With their Captain sidelined by Eleanor Darhk, the team trains and tries to decide their next course of action. Stein delays telling Jax he cannot solve the Firestorm uncoupling problem and tries to wake Sara. He tells the Legends Sara has not woken up and they all decide she would want them to continue fixing anachronisms. Jax randomly picks Vietnam 1967, a level 8 anachronism.


Jax and Stein remain on the Waverider with Sara while the rest of the team heads into the jungle to assess the situation. Mick and Nate return to the “scene of the crime” and realize this anachronism is big and dangerous. As they try to leave, they run into Mick’s dad, of all people, who turns out to be a Green Beret. Mick reveals to Nate the reason he was dreading running into his old man: he let him burn in the fire he started when he was 13 years old.


Meanwhile, Amaya, Ray and Zari pose as journalists and investigate a camp where American soldiers have come to forget everything they’ve experienced. After questioning a local who has been eyeing the “journalists,” they are taken straight to the New God who turns out to be none other than Grodd. Our team has identified the anachronism, but with coms jammed, they have no way of communicating with the remainder of the Legends.


Amaya decides to take on Grodd with the Shrink Ray while Ray and Zari look for the communications tent. Grodd reveals he is trying to “bring peace” to humans by stopping the Vietnam War. However, he hides his true plans which turn out to be murdering President Johnson and starting World War III. Grodd and the locals capture the Legends in the camp and Amaya attempts to reach Grodd using her link to the animal spirit kingdom. Her plan backfires and Grodd discovers they are time travelers. He sets out in search of the Waverider.


Mick and his dad have a heart-to-heart, leading him to “join-up” and help his dad storm the encampment. Nate is knocked unconscious when he tries to call off the raid. The Rory’s rush in as Grodd rushes out and round up all the traitors in the camp, including all the Legends. Just as Papa Rory is about to open fire on all the people in the camp, Mick snaps back to reality and stops his father from making a decision that will forever change the course of both their lives.


While Jax is busy saving the President, Stein is left to defend the Waverider from Gorilla Grodd, with some assistance from Sir Isaac Newton. Stein shakes Grodd off the Waverider and he plummets into the napalm flames.


Or does he? While the Legends celebrate with pecan pie, Damien Darhk pulls Grodd out of Vietnam with a magic time travel stone and he lands in present day.


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