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Apr 15, 2018

Goodbye, Rip. I’ll miss you.




We pick up right where we left the Legends last: Zambesi 1992. Mallus has just emerged in his true form and the Legends attempt to use the totems, individually, against him. Sara asks Rip for help and he uses a desperate gambit to save the team. He takes the time drive from the Waverider and shares an emotional goodbye with Gideon. While the Legends return to the Waverider, Rip confronts Mallus with the time drive and waits for it to destabilize, consuming them both.


Sara decides to return to Salvation 1874, a blind spot in the timeline, to hide from Mallus and form a plan. When they arrive, she leaves Ray on the Waverider with Damien Darhk, but not for long. Ray comes up with a wild plan to save Nora and after punching out Nate, he returns to the time they just left with Damien.


Nate returns to the library to tell Amaya about Ray and finds her about to take a trip to speak with her ancestors about defeating Mallus. Nate, feeling guilty, takes a large gulp of the psychedelic tea and joins her. They discover the totem bearers have to join their totems together to create a being of light to defeat the darkness of Mallus.


Just when the whiskey is beginning to give Sara a few ideas, an army of Romans, pirates and vikings waltz into the town of Salvation. So much for hiding. Mallus has sent Caesar, Blackbeard and Freydis to retrieve the totems from the Legends. The team regroups on the Waverider and Amaya shares what she has discovered from her ancestors: they have to create Voltron (essentially).


Reluctantly, Sara agrees to give it a try and the team heads outside to create Voltron. Unfortunately, with their minds linked the team cannot concentrate and create a monster instead of a savior. Mick smartly puts it out of its misery and Sara concludes they are not worthy to wield the totems. Ava picks the perfect time to arrive with reinforcements: Helen of Amazon, Jax and Kuasa.


And my how things have changed! Kuasa is a good person and shares the Spirit totem with Mari. Saving Zambesi has completely changed her path. Helen has been training on Themyscira and has some impressive fighting skills. Jax has been apart from the team for five years and now has a wife and child. Ava, in a lovely speech, explains to Sara that the Legends must wield the totems, they are simply there to back them up.


Ray picks the not so perfect time to walk into the saloon with Nora. When they returned to Zambesi, Damien shot Nora with the nanite gun and Mallus took his body instead of Nora’s. While Ray rushes Nora back to the Waverider to save her life, Mallus emerges from Damien’s body and history continues as we saw it unfold in the previous episode. Nora, now de-Mallused, has come to help the Legends defeat Mallus.


Sara gears up for battle with another great speech and pretends to surrender the totems to buy some time. The Legends get in position and begin an epic battle against pirates, Romans and vikings.They emerge victorious, momentarily, until all the “dead” start stirring. Mallus can reanimate the dead. Who knew.


Our reinforcements buy team Legends some time as they regroup and attempt to create a pure being of light. They succeed. A giant Beebo doll emerges and lumbers toward Mallus. Dumbfounded, the non-totem bearers follow Beebo to witness the final battle. Beebo explodes, victorious, in a heart-shaped puff of blue smoke. (So that happened.)


The finale episode proceeds to tie all the storylines up in a neat little bow. Kuasa takes the totems, Ava and Sara promise to see each other soon, Jax says goodbye, Jonah gives his hat to Zari, Ray gives Nora a time stone and Amaya says goodbye. She has finally accepted she must leave Nate and the Legends and return to 1942.


In the final scene, the Legends finally make it to Aruba. Unfortunately, their relaxation is interrupted by Gary and Constantine with a clue as to what next season might be about: demons.




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