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Mar 23, 2018

Sara wields the Death Totem and becomes the Death Witch after Mallus possesses her. She singles out the Legends and takes them down one-by-one only to be stopped by an unlikely hero: Heat Wave.




Sara wakes from a nightmare in which she is haunted by a little girl. Ava calms her down and they have the GF talk, where Sara awkwardly explains away her latest fling, John Constantine. Gideon interrupts at the worst time and announces the anachronisms are getting worse. Back to work. Sara sends the Legends out in pairs to tackle to the anachronisms and suddenly gets a terrible headache.


With all of the Legends occupied, Sara makes some coffee and tries to shake her headache, when she decides to follow the source of the sound. As it turns out, the Death totem is calling to her, and she finally gets some relief after she opens the encrypted box holding the totem. Through the Death totem, Mallus projects Sara as the Canary and she talks herself into wielding the Death totem. Unfortunately, that’s all Mallus wanted, and he takes over her body, imprisoning the Sara Lance we know in the spirit realm.


Death Witch Sara starts by taking out Ray, since Mick is sound asleep in the library. Amaya and Zari return to find Ray, badly injured, and wake-up Rory to help them deal with Ray’s attacker. They soon learn it is Sara, but not the Captain they have come to know and love. When Amaya and Mick try to take her on, she nearly kills them, and Wally speeds in and saves them. Their plan, after Sara locks down the ship and maroons them in the time stream, is for Wally to use his speed and tie Sara up. Unfortunately, Wally encounters the Death totem’s version of Jessie. He confronts her, hopefully finding some much needed closure, but he is distracted and does not notice the anti-speedster gun. Jessie fades, revealing Sara holding the gun, and she shoots Wally.


Meanwhile, Ava and Gary are doing their best to find John Constantine, the only person who might be able to save Sara from Mallus. Ava reveals to Constantine that Sara is wielding the Death totem and Constantine explains why Mallus has a particularly strong bond with that totem. Apparently, the Sixth Tribe of Zambesi was lost to time because they sided with Mallus in the war that ultimately imprisoned him. When Constantine and Ava try to enter Mallus’s realm, he denies them entry, forcing them to find another way to rescue Sara.


Back on the Waverider, it’s Zari’s turn to come-up with a plan and she heads to the mainframe, hoping to free the jump ship from whatever lock-down Sara has initiated. But Mallus is two steps ahead, and Zari is confronted by her dead brother, as a child begging for her to tell his favorite nighttime story. Knowing he isn’t there, she says goodbye to him and turns to smash the mainframe. She succeeds, but a blast knocks her down and suddenly Sara is there and nearly kills her too. For a moment, Zari gets through and Sara breaks Mallus’s hold, if only for a few seconds. Nora appears and compliments her resolve, but tells her “no one can fight Mallus forever.”


Luckily, Gary has a plan! Don’t laugh, but he has played this campaign before. There’s a monk (Wally), a druid (Amaya), a rogue (Mick), a bard (Nate), “a cheerful gnome who was also an accomplished wizard” (Ray), and a missing sorceress (Zari), who are all fighting Xanathar the Unburnt and his death sword (Sara/Mallus and the Death Totem). How do you win? (You don’t, but...) you can fight the totem with another totem.


Back on the Waverider, it’s Nate’s turn to get his butt kicked. He attempts to wield the Earth totem, but before he can put it on, his grandfather distracts him. He knows his grandfather is dead, he watched him die after all, but he is still pulled into Mallus’s trap and Sara gets the upper hand. Constantine turns up on the Waverider just in time to save Nate from being beaten to death. He has some tricks up his sleeve, but Mallus still gets the upper hand, even after trying to distract him with Astra. Before he can finish him off, Amaya convinces Mick to wield the Fire totem and Mallus drops Constantine to handle this “new” threat. Just as Sara appears, Mick tosses a fireball at her and knocks her out.


In the spirit realm, Sara is having a discussion with Nora about the darkness within. She relives her worst memory: murdering a little girl’s father right in front of her. On the Waverider, Ava is trying to reach out to Sara, begging her to return from the spirit realm. Assuming the Fire totem has scared off Mallus, Ava calls Sara back to her body after ripping off the Death totem. Unfortunately, this experience has reminded Sara of all her faults that she has worked so hard to put behind her. Afraid of hurting Ava, she breaks things off, but immediately regrets it.


In the final scene, John Constantine plays D&D with Gary’s crew and states “the battle is only just beginning.” Something tells me he wasn’t just talking about the game…




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