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Oct 23, 2017

Lions and sabertooths and Vixens, oh my! The Legends join PT Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome, causing a minor anachronism to turn it up to 11! But of course, the Legends have tackled immortals and evil speedsters, so really, what can’t they handle?




Ray has been hard at work (I mean, really, what else is there to do at Up Swipes?) perfecting his Shrink Ray technology. He also reverse engineered the technology from the Time Bureau and created an anachronism map, just like the one Rip uses, to see just how much they’ve messed up time. Apparently, a lot. He unveils it the team and Gideon finds an easy anachronism for the Legends to tackle, proving their competency to the Time Bureau.


So, it’s off to join the circus! After locating the anachronism, a displaced sabertooth tiger, Ray attempts to shrink it down, but misjudges height, or weight, or gender, or all of the above and "embiggens" the sabertooth instead of shrinking it. The overgrown cat escapes and the Legends regroup on the Waverider to come up with a plan to capture the animal.


Sara decides to pay Amaya a visit and convinces her to rejoin Team Legends. After an awkward reunion with Nate, she leaves with Sara to track down the sabertooth while Nate, Jax and Ray decide to blow off some steam at the local watering hole. Sara and Amaya successfully shrink the sabertooth while Nate successfully drowns his sorrows. After several whiskeys, he picks a fight with a local and shows off his steely side. PT Barnum is impressed and after Nate keeps on talking, he learns that Jax and Ray also have incredible powers. Nate stumbles back to the Waverider while Barnum captures Jax and Ray, turning them into Siamese Twins.


Sara and Amaya find Nate passed out in the cargo bay and question him. They learn Jax and Ray must still be with the circus, since the last Nate remembers is Barnum offering to give them a private show. Those three set out to find Jax and Ray when Sara spots Gary spying on them. She takes him out and brings him back to the Waverider for questioning. Meanwhile, Nate and Amaya manage to get themselves tossed in a cage, escalating the anachronism even further.


Agent Sharp makes contact with Gary and realizes something is wrong, so she beams onto the Waverider to check it out. Sara sends Dr. Stein and Rory out to rescue the team while she keeps Agent Sharp on the Waverider. Once in the field, Rory, who set a sabertooth loose on the Waverider, gets spooked by a clown and runs off, leaving Dr. Stein to figure out how to rescue the team. Rory’s phobia gives him an idea: he decides to impersonate a clown!


Behind the scenes, Barnum is furious that Jax and Ray are disappointing the crowd. He provokes Nate into steeling up and finally “forces” Amaya to use her own powers. She summons the spirit of a bear and quickly loses control. Luckily, Dr. Stein has managed to bond with Jax and Firestorm tries to unsuccessfully stop Amaya. She swats them away and is about to kill Barnum when Nate runs out and calls her back. She confesses to the team that she has lost control of her powers, and that when she uses them, the animal takes over.


Sara tells the team she’s learned that Rip is hiding something from them. Something evil. They all have a good laugh, but one of Mallus’ followers has brought Kuasa back to cause some trouble for our team.



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