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Feb 5, 2017

My name is Damien Darhk and this week, you'll be joining the Legion of Doom as we torture Rip Hunter and concoct a plan to trap a speedster in a bank vault. But first, we travel back to 2016 and recruit a dejected Malcolm Merlyn to our cause. 

Eobard Thawne has set Merlyn and Darhk to the task of torturing the location of the rest of the Spear of Destiny from Rip Hunter, who annoyingly insists his name is Phil. When Merlyn failed to reveal the truth with hypnosis, Darhk discovered his molar contains account information for a safe deposit box in 2025. As Thawne speeds off again, Merlyn and Darhk argue and then decide to use Rip/Phil to access the safe deposit box. All goes according to plan until Rip doesn't remember the pass code to access the vault.

Meanwhile, the Legends are still trying to discover who the mystery speedster is after Stein's daughter Lily discovers how the Longinus medallion actually works. After Lily and Ray hook-up the medallion to Gideon and download the contents to her hard drive, Mick accidentally slips and tells Lily she is a time aberration. She confronts her father and they work on their communication skills until their "new" relationship is mended. During these exchanges, Dr. Stein comes to the conclusion that the mystery speedster must be Eobard Thawne, since he is the only speedster he knows of that does not exist.

After this failed attempt to access the vault, Darhk and Merlyn return to the bank after dark and shoot their way into the bank. Merlyn acquires the bank manager's code so they can access the vault without needing Rip. Just as they discover the contents of the safety deposit box, Thawne speeds into the vault and takes the memory device from their hands, but Darhk and Merlyn have formed an alliance. They lock Thawne in the vault and force him to explain what he keeps running from. We see visions of a speedster dressed in black that looks like a zombie and tracks down Thawne using the speed force. Darhk suggest that Thawne simply stop running so the thing tracking Thawne cannot find him. Using Thawne as bait, they trap the speedster hunter in the vault and form a true partnership.

Back at their secret lair, Thawne alters Rip's memories before "uploading" them to his brain. In the closing scene, Rip Hunter shoots General Washington point blank in the chest.

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