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Welcome to the Waverider, fellow superhero fans! Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, and Superman and Lois.

Let’s meet your hosts! The Wonder Twins, Martin the Flash and Jess aka Harley Quinn, started their podcasting journey in 2016 when they founded the SiberCast Network and launched Tomorrow’s Legends. Until 2020, the Wonder Twins exclusively covered DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but as a global pandemic continued on, they filled the Legends hiatus with Stargirl. In 2021, Tomorrow’s Legends officially expanded to cover Superman & Lois, and welcomed one more host onboard the Waverider, Geoff aka XForce11! XForce11 is a co-host on Gotham Undercover, a podcast dedicated to the TV show, Gotham. The trio has known each other for many years as members of the same superhero-loving communities.

At Tomorrow’s Legends, we have a tradition of using superhero names. We encourage all our friends to adopt a superhero alias and join us on the Waverider as we discuss the shows we love! If you need help with a superhero name, send us an email and we will help you choose one.

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Nov 1, 2016

Holy Ninjas, Batman! Join the Legends for an accidental trip to feudal Japan that does not disappoint. We have samurais. We have ninjas. We have great fight scenes!

The show opens with Vixen sneaking around the Waverider and incapacitating most of our team. At last she holds a knife to Rory's throat and accuses him of murdering Rex Tyler. Dr. Heywood awakens and discovers a new ability, saving Rory from Vixen, who explains a time traveler has murdered Rex Tyler. Sara makes the connection to the mysterious time traveler causing the aberrations in the timeline.

Meanwhile, Ray is "training" Citizen Steel when their antics toss them both into time stream, and eventually feudal Japan. Dr. Heywood is rescued by Masako Yamashiro while Ray is captured by the Shogun. The Atom Suit becomes the property of the Shogun, making him virtually unstoppable. Dr. Heywood learns who the Shogun is and that Masako is to be married to him, ensuring her death. 

Sara, Mick and Amaya leave the Waverider in search of their lost companions when they discover the Shogun has taken possession of Ray's Atom suit. They run into Ray as they are escaping from the Shogun and flee to find Nate. Once reunited, our Legends brainstorm ideas on how to stop the Shogun and save the village. 

Back on the Waverider, Jax and Dr. Stein are making repairs to the Waverider when they discover a secret compartment. Not only did Rip keep the existence of this compartment hidden from Jax and the rest of the team, but it contains a full armory and a mysterious voicemail from 2056 Barry Allen. 

The Legends have a final showdown with the Shogun and his samurais. Ray and Nate take out the Shogun while Sara and Amaya take on the samurais. Mick is waylaid by ninjas on his way to join Sara and Amaya. After some epic fight scenes, the Legends are victorious, even if Mick has no proof he encountered ninjas. 

Ray and Nate return the Katana sword and armor to the Yamashiros, entrusting Masako with the safekeeping of her village. Goodbyes are exchanged and our team boards the Waverider with the vague mission of finding the time traveler who killed Rex Tyler.

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