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Welcome to the Waverider, fellow superhero fans! Tomorrow’s Legends is a TV review podcast that reviews each episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, The Flash, and Superman and Lois.

Let’s meet your hosts! The Wonder Twins, Martin the Flash and Jess aka Harley Quinn, started their podcasting journey in 2016 when they founded the SiberCast Network and launched Tomorrow’s Legends. Until 2020, the Wonder Twins exclusively covered DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but as a global pandemic continued on, they filled the Legends hiatus with Stargirl. In 2021, Tomorrow’s Legends officially expanded to cover Superman & Lois, and welcomed one more host onboard the Waverider, Geoff aka XForce11! XForce11 is a co-host on Gotham Undercover, a podcast dedicated to the TV show, Gotham. The trio has known each other for many years as members of the same superhero-loving communities.

At Tomorrow’s Legends, we have a tradition of using superhero names. We encourage all our friends to adopt a superhero alias and join us on the Waverider as we discuss the shows we love! If you need help with a superhero name, send us an email and we will help you choose one.

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Oct 24, 2022

The Waverider used its' time travel drive this week as we went into the past of Jennie and Todd. We saw the events of last season from Todd's point of view and learned of the trauma that happend as they were pulled apart as kids. It seems Jennie getting the ring on their birthday set both off them off with Jennie embracing the light to become Jade and the darkness overtaking Todd making him Obsidian. Mister Bones, Nurse Love and the Helix Institute lured him to their supposed safe place to learn his powers.

Last season's battle with Eclipso infected the Green Lantern ring with darkness from the Shadowlands. It is hurting both Jade and The Shade. The Shade knows Courtney can help Jade expell the darkness. But it seems like rescuing her brother is the only way. They discover that Mister Bones has been using light therapy to hold back the darnkess. But it is too late. Pat and The Shade are thrown into the Shadowlands.

In Blue Valley, the JSA disabled the power and are removing all of the cameras. But it has us wondering is it really Mister Bones behind it all? Rick is addicted to being Hour Man already. Yolanda will not come clean to her mother and her mother kicks her out of the house. The team is divided and in real trouble.


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