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Nov 13, 2017

Return of the Darhk… Come on… Return of the Darhk… Here I am! Not exactly a sparkly vampire, but hey, we’ll take it.




Rip has traveled to the time of Jack the Ripper for the sole purpose of doing his best Sherlock Holmes impression. Or just to chase an evil god who exists throughout time. Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Nate pulled an all nighter to work out the pattern of the anachronism map. As it turns out, the map’s pattern is the golden ratio and forms a spiral pattern, except for two outliers: Seattle 2042 and London 1895.


The team travels back to Victorian London and interviews the coroner who performed the autopsy on their anachronistic corpse. He explains that the corpse fell from the sky and promptly stole his futuristic watch. He directs the Legends to a cemetery where he buried the corpse in an unmarked grave. Unfortunately, someone has beaten them there, twice! The Legends expect to find a very dead corpse and are surprised when a very alive Rip Hunter crawls out of the grave.


Against all odds (#sarcasm), Rip Hunter has gone rogue and decided to pursue his own personal crusade, an evil being named Mallus that even the Time Masters do not speak of. In return for the Legends’ help, he promises to get the Time Bureau off their backs. So they decide to use Pretty as bait and lure the vampire out of the Shadows. However, Rip and the team find a little more than they bargained for. Stein’s great-great-grandfather has teamed up with the “vampire” surgeon and a cult called The Shrouded Compass. As it turns out, they are trying to raise someone from the dead using a blood moon ritual.


While Sara and Rip rescue Nate and discover Damien Darhk, the mystic Eleanor has entranced Zari by channeling her dead brother. Unfortunately, this also blows their cover and a brawl ensues in the main parlour. Our team head back to the Waverider where Sara confronts Rip and they both accuse the other of losing perspective. Rip admits he was wrong and then activates the Gentleman’s Dreadnaught, sealing the Legends inside the ship. Unbeknownst to the team, Zari has already left to bargain with Eleanor.


Using Zari’s totem, Eleanor begins the ceremony to raise Darhk from the dead. Rip, however, has other plans. He demands to speak to Mallus through Eleanor and while they converse, the full blood moon magically raises Darhk from the dead, powers and all. Portals open and the Time Bureau agents arrive to help Rip, but they are powerless against Damien Darhk. They are slaughtered, and just before Rip meets his end, the Legends arrive to save Rip, but too late for the Time Bureau agents who are all dead.


After Rip’s betrayal, Sara has informed Agent Sharpe of his whereabouts. She turns up on the Waverider with Director Bennett to take Rip back home to face the tribunal. In exchange, the Waverider is free to roam the skies, fixing time.




Episode Air Dates and Titles through Mid-December

Daddy Dearest meet Nora Darhk


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