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Hello Legends fans! Flash and Harley here, your Wonder Twin hosts of the show :) Thanks so much for all your support, and for checking out the site. Please feel free to comment below, and as always, we love to hear from you, so send us feedback and we'll respond to it on the next episode! Also, don't hesitate to share us with all your Legends friends!

Feb 20, 2016

In this second part of the pilot, the team confronts Vandal Savage at a secret weapons auction. Dr. Stein accidentally reveals the team "in this era" and they now have to deal with the repercussions.

Dr. Stein, Jackson, and Sara go to visit Dr. Stein as his younger self in college to try to borrow a device he designed that controls alpha particles. This of course does not go according to plan, and they now have to trick his younger self and not mess up the timeline any further...