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May 11, 2019

Neron lures the Legends to the Donner Pass during the Ice Age and traps them in an avalanche that they caused. He travels through time with Constantine to visit Johnny’s ancestor and teach an old dog some new tricks. Meanwhile, Gary slowly hypnotizes all the agents at the Time Bureau with his nipple.

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Neron manipulates Constantine into using his magic so he can trap the Legends on an avalanche, conveniently sidelining most of the cast. He then travels to ancient Britain to visit King Konstentyn, an ancient ancestor of John Constantine, so that John can learn how to stabilize a vortex to hell. Ultimately, Neron is still working to bring Tabitha from hell to the mortal world.

Stuck in an avalanche, the remainder of our Team Legends needs to remember what it means to be a family. With Ray missing, they search his quarters for inspiration after Mick and Sarah argue over whether or not Mick should have made the call to shoot Ray. They discover Cards to Save the Timeline and Ray Palmer’s survival guide. Determined to enjoy their last moments together and find some inspiration to save themselves, they turn the Waverider to full power and decide to play Ray’s game. Fortunately for the Legends, it works, and the ice around the ship melts from the continual heat they are generating, allowing them to fly through the rest of the ice.

Meanwhile at the Time Bureau, Gary is conducting performance reviews and exuding an uncharacteristic amount of confidence. Slowly but surely, each of the Time Bureau agents turn into hypnotized automatons, stating Gary Green is all the man we need. Suspicious, Mona and Nora begin to investigate, until eventually, only Mona and Wolfie are left. As Mona is called in for her performance review, she conspires with Wolfie to take Gary down and bring everyone back to their senses.  

In the end, Neron succeeds in forcing Johnny to strengthen his magic to save not only himself, but an innocent pooka, about to be damned to hell. He stabilizes the vortex, disarms his ancestor, and then willingly jumps into the hell vortex to rescue Ray from hell. Unfortunately, Neron is able to bring Tabitha from hell, and with a bippity boppity boo, they rescue Gary and escape with Mona. Ava returns to the Waverider to chat with the Legends while Nora pursues Neron, Tabitha, and Gary so she can rescue Mona.