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May 2, 2019

Honing her matchmaker skills, Sara sends Zari and Nate on a hook-up mission while she prepares for book club with Ava. Ray struggles with his inner demons and we lose two members of Team Legends to the dark side.

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When a magical fugitive appears in 1933, Nate is excited that the mission involves the Adventurers Society. Seeing an opportunity, Sara assigns Nate and Zari to run point on the mission while everyone else is conveniently occupied. All on their own, their is less Legends screw ups, but they also think the mission is a Macguffin, which it was, but there was a magical fugitive present nonetheless. When they call Sara on crafting an Indiana Jones mission to set them up, she tells them it’s a real mission and takes Ava to their rescue. As it turns out, they can take care of themselves, but they still have to find the golden egg.

Instead of QBing the mission, Ray has been busy doing lab in the science and avoiding making contact with people. While he works on a scientific cure to get rid of Neron, he only succeeds in making things worse. Constantine is off trying to find a cure for Nora, so Ray is stuck with an Intern of the Dark Arts: Gary Greene. Eventually, Gary deduces Ray is possessed and attempts to help him, but Neron uses Gary’s loneliness against him. Depressed, Gary is unsure what to do and just feels unappreciated. At this point, Nate returns to the ship, concerned about Ray. Ray pummels him as Nate is an unsuspecting victim who is apparently defenseless? Plot holes aside, Ray gives into Neron to save Nate’s life.

Constantine has finally tracked down a Phoenix feather to help Nora rise anew. She tells Constantine that Neron has Ray and he returns to the Waverider to save him. Unfortunately for him, Gary is sick of being the doormat and decides it is time to join Neron, someone who will appreciate him and make him whole. Neron breaks free of Constantine, whose focus is now split, and knocks him out. Gary and Neron use the time stone to leave the Waverider with Constantine.

With Nate unconscious on the Waverider, the girls are left in 1933 to finish the mission. As it turns out, it was the assistant all along, who like Gary, is sick of being treated like a second class citizen. When they return, they discover Nate has been pummeled by Ray and left behind. He explains that Ray is now possessed.

Meanwhile, Mick and Charlie decide to make an appearance at RomantiCon as Rebecca Silver. Although things do not go exactly as planned, Rebecca does reveal her identity at the con to connect with fans.