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Mar 5, 2016

As Rip Hunter struggles to find a lead on Vandal Savage, the Waverider receives a distress signal from another time master. The team suspects IT'S A TRAP! But Rip insists they go to Captain Baxter's rescue to recover a time drive and update Gideon's software.

When Rip, Jax and Rory are captured by time pirates, it's up to Space Ranger Stein to save the day. Meanwhile on the Waverider, Snart and Sara deal with the fallout of encountering time pirates while Ray and Kendra work to keep them alive. 

After receiving some unsettling news, Rory decides to make a deal with the time pirates and ultimately betrays the team. Snart chooses an unexpected side and has to deal with the consequences of his actions in the final scenes of this gripping episode.