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Nov 8, 2018

The Legends track down a magical being in Punk Rock London 1977 which turns out to be a shapeshifter. Ray infiltrates a band that causes London to fall into anarchy to find the person behind the kidnapping of the Queen of England.



Back at Time Bureau headquarters, a magical blip in the timeline is detected and Nate explains that a punk rock band called The Smell has kidnapped the Queen and her crown jewels. After the Queen is committed to an insane asylum, Britain falls into anarchy, altering the course of history. Sara tries to bring Nate along, however, he declines and tells her he is staying on with the Time Bureau.

Meanwhile, the Sara and Gideon bring the rest of the team up to speed and they head to London 1977 looking for a way to infiltrate the band. When Constantine and Rory have it out at the venue, it causes a massive fight and the band flees. They all pile into Ray’s van and he unwittingly drives them to their hideout. When Ray informs the team he knows where the hideout is, Sara instructs him to stay and Constantine offers bizarre advice for catching a leprechaun. It quickly becomes apparent a leprechaun is not the culprit and the band put Ray’s trust to the test in one of their pranks.

With an assist from Sara and specific instructions from Mick, Ray kidnaps one of the Queen’s corgis and makes a break for the getaway van. The unharmed dog, now with a mohawk, is dropped at an animal shelter and the band celebrates a successful prank. They commemorate the occasion by giving Ray a tattoo to make things official.

Meanwhile, Constantine storms off after another fight with Mick and Zari tracks him to a pub in Liverpool. Despite her jokes, Constantine is not their for the usual reasons, but rather to meet his mum. We later find out that Constantine also attempts to prevent himself from being born, however, the “ball kick” paradox prevents that from happening. He gets in a fist fight with his dad and gets kicked out of the pub.

Ray forms a bond with Charlie and learns her true nature: she’s a shapeshifter. Instead of kidnapping the Queen she simply becomes the Queen. He also tells her about how his disco “band” has changed, what with Sara’s serious relationship, and Nate and Amaya leaving the Waverider. Ray tells the team what he has discovered and explains that he thinks he can have her back-off. Constantine immediately tells him he cannot trust the shapeshifter and the team forms an alternate plan when they all come to the consensus that Ray is in over his head.

In the final confrontation, the shape shifter turns into each member of the team in turn, telling them exactly what they need to hear to keep her from going straight to hell, literally. In the end, Zari cannot send her through the portal so Constantine removes her shapeshifting powers and they imprison her on the Waverider.

During the Legends adventures, Nate and Gary have their own adventure to a prehistoric period. Unfortunately, Gary brings back Seymour as a present for Nate and chaos ensues. They up killing a magical plant with office supplies, much to Ava’s dismay.


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