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Nov 2, 2018

The Legends contend with an evil fairy godmother hiding in Salem 1692. The Puritans, who are not known for their accepting nature, are to execute Jane Hawthorn when magic intervenes.


Using the knuckle bones of a saint, the Legends can now use their time seismograph to find magical fugitives. They find their latest quarry in Salem 1692, and as luck would have it, Constantine has decided to join Team Legends (sans costumes).

While the team investigates magic at the heart of a witch hunt, Nate has dinner with his father in 2018. After a heated argument, he tells off his father and storms out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, the Legends discover Jane’s daughter Prudence is behind the magic at work in Salem.

Constantine returns to Salem with the team to reveal the evil demon possessing the daughter. As it turns out, the daughter has bonded with a fairy godmother straight out of Cinderella. After a near brush with death, the Legends offer to save Prudence’s mother and stow the girl on the Waverider to prevent further meddling. Back at the Time Bureau, Ava discovers a broke Nate sleeping there while working in a late night budget presentation.

Back on the Waverider, Sara breaks the news to Zari that according to the historical record, they cannot save Jane Hawthorn. Zari goes rogue and tries to save Jane, but Jane does not want to be saved. Zari follows Jane to her trial and attempts to use her magic to save her. When Zari realizes she has become the monster, she relents and is captured.

Sara comes to rescue Zari and fails. Fortunately, Prudence has escaped the Waverider with the help of the fairy godmother and prevents Zari and her mother from being burned at the stake. Having learned her lesson, Zari talks Prudence down from the ledge and she releases the fairy godmother. Back on the Waverider, Sara and Zari have a heart-to-heart, and Constantine tries to convince the fairy godmother to stay with him. She seems more afraid of whatever is hunting him than of hell, so he sends her there straight away.

Meanwhile at the Time Bureau, Nate realizes Ava has a budget meeting with his father and backs out. The meeting goes poorly, with Gary recounting “last season on Legends” and explaining they are hunting down magical fugitives. But Nate’s dad isn’t buying and threatens to shut down the entire department. Ava schmoozes Nate and convinces him to speak with his father. Nate brings back Ray, who has been enchanted and turned into a pig, back to the Time Bureau as proof of magic. When Ray returns to his human form, in front of Hank’s eyes, he offers Ava anything to keep that from happening again. After debriefing his father on the Legends, Nate decides to remain in 2018 and attempt to reconnect with his father.


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