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Oct 25, 2018

In typical Legends fashion, the season premiere introduced a magical season with a blood thirsty unicorn massacring hippies at Woodstock. John Constantine joins the Legends to send the bloody beast straight to hell with the help of the Virgin Gary.



The season starts five months after the Legends defeated Mallus and it appears to be business as usual as the Legends continue to track down anachronisms and repair history. The Time Bureau even throws a surprise party to celebrate!

Ava and Sara sneak off to celebrate while Nate and Mick head off to “rob” Nate’s parents. Meanwhile, Zari confronts Ray about letting Nora escape from the Time Bureau.

After Constantine drops in on Sara and Ava, Sara has Gary review the timeline for anomalies. She learns the most likely spot a monster is hiding is Woodstock. Ray comes to the same conclusion after asking Gideon to review the timeline. Zari confronts him and when he admits he helped Nora, offers to go with him to look for her. Meanwhile, Nate discovers the anomaly while arguing with his father.

After the Legends all meet at Woodstock, they quickly discover Nora Darhk is not the cause of the hippie massacre. Instead, a beautiful, majestic unicorn is running people through and eating their hearts. Mick tries to burn the unicorn, but the damn horse is fireproof and it sprays all the Legends (except Sara) with its special sparkle sauce.

Sara leaves the Legends to their own devices while she returns to 2018 to track down John Constantine. She explains the situation and Constantine informs her that her team is about to take a nasty hallucinogenic trip. One by one, we witness each Legends hallucination, and by the time John and Sara arrive, the other four are high as kites in the forest.

Back on the Waverider, John does some research and determines the proper spell and ingredients to defeat the unicorn. The now sober Legends help track down all the ingredients at Woodstock, save one: a virgin. Fortunately, Constantine knows just where they can find one of those.

Interim Legend Gary joins the team as bait to help lure the unicorn out in the open. The rest of team looks on as the bloodthirsty beast all but kills Gary as Constantine begins the spell. After a good bit of work, Constantine prevails in sending the unicorn to hell while the other Legends hang onto Gary to prevent (most) of him from following the unicorn straight to hell.

In the closing scenes, Sara comes clean to Ava (who still wants her to move in), Nate has a beer with his dad, and Zari takes Ray to see her mother in a park. Sara visits to Constantine, presumably to offer him a spot on their team, and wracked with an unknown guilt, Constantine drives her away the best way he knows how. He proceeds to drink himself stupid as an unknown demon attacks him and writes an eerie warning on his mirror.


High Fives All Around - Legends meet in Woodstock video montage


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