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Jan 21, 2018

We are back with a special episode discussing all the theories for the first half of season 3! There is a TON to theorize about and we brought a few guests over from the DC Action Hour for a fresh take on where season 3 might be going.



  1. Where are we going with the Mallus storyline?
  2. The Legends keep running into ancestors and younger versions of themselves, what could this mean?
  3. Is Constantine here just to help fight Mallus with his magic knowledge?
  4. We lost a couple characters this season, such as Stein and Jax. Who might replace them? Who do you think would be a good fit and why?
  5. We will only have Snart for a little while longer. How are they going to write him off the show?
  6. Where do you think the Time Bureau HQ is located? 
  7. When Sara followed Darhk in the midseason finale by grabbing him as they vanished with the time stone, she ends up in a “zone” of some kind with Mallus. Where was that? How does Agent Sharpe reach in and pull her out?
  8. We saw Stein take the liquid that is supposed to stabilize and trick the Firestorm matrix in his body, but we don’t see Jax take it, so how is he stabilized? Or is he going to explode due to being only one-half now?



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