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Nov 4, 2016

The show opens with a sick time pirate escaping from 2235 with a futuristic bioweapon. As he struggles to fly the ship, he radios for help, indicating his partner was infected with the bioweapon and has killed everyone. He crashlands in 1863 Mississippi, and surrounded by Confederate soldiers, transforms into a zombie.

The Legends receive the time beacon and decide to pay a visit to 1863 and find the time pirate to prevent him from causing an aberration. Without his Atom suit, Ray stays behind on the Waverider while the rest of the team locates the time ship and destroys it. Our team is attempting to discover where the time pirate went when a hoard of zombies chases Henry Scott, a dispatch, right into their path. After an altercation with the zombies, Henry Scott dies and Mick is bitten by one of the zombies.

Back on the Waverider, the Legends try to plot a course of action when they realize the introduction of zombies into the Civil War has caused the Union to lose, which would forever alter history. They remain in 1863 to carry out Henry Scott's mission, help the Union and defeat the zombies to secure the future of the United States.

Jax and Amaya go undercover as slaves in order to steal intel on Confederate troop movements and deliver it to the Union army as Henry Scott was charged to do. In this intense storyline, Jax and Amaya witness firsthand what their ancestors endured at the hands of evil men. Jay oversteps his boundaries and finds himself locked in the barn. When Amaya loses touch with him, she takes matters into her own hands and rescues Jax and the remainder of the slaves at Collins Plantation. They watch the plantation burn to the ground before delivering their intelligence to the Union Army.

Sara and Nate seek out General Grant and attempt to warn him about the zombies coming to eradicate his army. After showing Grant what zombies are, Sara and Nat devise a plan to destroy the army using nitroglycerin and Nate's tenuous grasp of his superpowers. Just as they are running low on ammunition, Nate leads the zombies away from the Union army and blows them all up using the nitroglycerin. He transforms into Citizen Steel to protect himself from both the zombies and the explosion. 

Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Ray and Martin have their hands full when Mick transforms into a zombie and Ray runs into issues with his zombie vaccine. A series of amusing scenes ensue when it is revealed that Dr. Stein is terrified of zombies and Mick has them cornered. The two scientists work together to cure Mick and any remaining zombies in 1863. To show his appreciation, Mick gives the cold gun to Ray and makes him his new partner. 

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