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May 7, 2016

The team is uneasy about having Savage aboard the Waverider and are eager to be rid of him. When they discover Savage has also been manipulating time, they plot a course to the Vanishing Point to turn him in and clear their own names.

Our team members confront Savage one-by-one throughout the episode and seeds of mistrust are sown. Rory and Snart want to return to 2016 while Sara and Dr. Stein are prepared to stay with Rip and fight.

After their confrontation with the Leviathan, the Waverider has suffered a lot of damage and the time drive is taxed from super sizing Ray. The time drive gives out about halfway through their journey and Rip sends Jax to fix it, but an explosion of time radiation leaves him with irreversible damage.

To save Jax, Dr. Stein sends him back through time to 2016 and forces the rest of the team to continue to the Vanishing Point with Rip. After Ray accidentally releases Savage, Rory, Snart, Ray and Kendra attempt to take down Carter and Savage. Carter emerges when Savage threatens Kendra and attacks him, allowing Kendra to finally gain the upper hand.

Sara pilots the Waverider to the Vanishing Point where Rip presents Savage to the time council. In a surprising turn of events, the time council reveals they are in league with Savage and capture Rip and his team.

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