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Apr 16, 2016

At Mick Rory's suggestion, Rip decides to run to the town of Salvation in 1871, a fragmentation in the timeline to hide the team from the Hunters. Everyone on the team is eager to explore the Wild West and head to the local saloon while Rip remains behind on the Waverider.

All too soon, Dr. Stein and Snart cause an altercation over a card game and start a brawl in the saloon, drawing the attention of Jonah Hex. Hex confronts the team and demands to know where Rip Hunter is.  They all return to the Waverider where Rip and Hex have a cryptic conversation about the fate of Calvert, another town in the Wild West that was burned down by a local gang.

Despite knowing the consequences, Rip does nothing to stop the team from returning to town with Hex in order to save the town from the Stillwater gang. Ray becomes Sheriff and drives the gang out of town, granting the town a reprieve from their malice. Dr. Stein discovers a boy who is dying from Tuberculosis in an attempt to gain information on the Stillwater gang's hideout and decides to save his life, whatever the consequences. 

Meanwhile, Kendra and Sara track down an older woman Kendra ran into at the saloon and learn that her love for Carter is fated and will likely doom any future relationship she could have.

After locating the Stillwater gang, Hex, Snart, Rory, Ray and Jax kidnap their leader but Jax is also taken captive and the team is forced to leave him behind. In order to save Jax, Rip decides to challenge Stillwater to a duel and we finally learn the reason he has refused to leave the ship or actively help rescue the town. Just as Rip wins the duel, the Hunters appear and attack the team. We learn the Omega Protocol is being enacted and the Time Masters will send the Pilgrim to hunt down the team throughout time, eliminating them from the timeline one by one.


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