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Apr 9, 2016

The team heads to 2147, with Rory imprisoned on the Waverider, to stop Vandal Savage. Rip informs the team that a tyrant named Per Degaton rises to power under Vandal's guidance, and ultimately releases a virus which decimates the world population, leaving it ripe for Vandal Savage to take over power.

We learn Per Degaton is a teenage boy and the team wrestles with the idea of killing a child. In the end, they decide to kidnap Per Degaton and remove him from the timelines. In theory this would remove the avenue through which Vandal Savage would rise to power.

While in pursuit of Per Degaton, we are introduced to the world of 2147 in the Kasnia Conglomerate where Ray's atom suits have morphed into robots that police the citizens of Kasnia. Team Kidnapping pursues Per Degaton while Team Robot investigates the technology behind the Ultron-like robots.

After a successful kidnapping and a disturbing revelation about Ray's past, the team checks the timeline to see the effect of kidnapping Per Degaton. We learn Kendra is having flashbacks to the 1920's where her and Carter had their son, Aldous. Sara has a chat with Rory and Rip decides to take matters into his own hands. He disappears with Per Degaton, presumably to kill the boy in order to save his wife and son. 

While Rip is away, Per's father, Tor Degaton, reviews video surveillance to find his son. Savage reveals that he knows the people who took his son and reassures him that he will remain unharmed. Savage leads the team to the Waverider through his connection to Kendra and a battle ensues until Rip trades Per Degaton for Sara. 

As the team regroups on-board the Waverider, Snart and Rory decide to duke it out (literally) and we learn Rory apparently does have some humanity left after all. After refusing to kill Snart, he reveals to the team the Hunters are after them after his failure as Chronos to bring the team to the Vanishing Point. 

In closing, we see the impact of the team's actions on the future. Per Degaton kills his father and names Vandal Savage his proxy at the head of the board. With Savage in charge, the virus is released 5 years earlier then in the previous timeline.