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May 7, 2016

Left with no other choice, our team journeys to the year 2166 to confront Vandal Savage at the height of his power. After their first kidnap attempt fails, one of Savage's "lieutenants"identifies our team of time travelers in the crowd. Kendra notices the lieutenant is wearing her bracelet from her first life and notifies the team it can be used to kill Savage.

Rip sends Snart and Rory to recover the bracelet and they return with the lieutenant. During Snart's creative interrogation, we learn the lieutenant is really Cassie Savage which explains why Savage has entrusted her with the bracelet. We learn her mother was killed by the Armageddon virus Savage released, although Cassie thinks Per Degaton is responsible for the deaths of millions.

Meanwhile, Ray and Dr. Stein are trying to figure out wha tSavage's super weapon is while Rory and Kendra work on a super weapon of their own. Ray and Dr. Stein come to the conclusion tha tthe super weapon is a giant weapon and Ray works out a plan to stop it from killing the remaining refugees and our team.

In the closing scenes, we witness the fight between Ray and agiant self-aware version of his own ATOM suit. Cut to the team confronting Savage, with Cassie on their side, and Kendra swoops into "save the day." Unfortunately, just as Kendra is about to put an end to Savage, a brainwashed Carter stops her from killing him. The team has to settle with kidnapping Savage instead of Kendra killing him in order to preserve Carter's memories.

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