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Apr 22, 2017

We bring you a special bonus episode dedicated to the winning quotes of Season 2. Join Flash, Harley and a special guest as they relive the amazing quotes from this season. Head on over to the Facebook group to cast your vote!


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Apr 13, 2017

Extra special episode dedicated to feedback for the Season 2 finale, Aruba. 

This has been a great season and what a ride it has been! We hit the ground running and there was no looking back, well, except for this episode where the Legends went back in time to change the course of reality. It was touch and go for a while, but the Legends pulled through in the end to save the day and secure their places in history.

Season 2 was just a ton of fun and each episode was stronger than the last. See you in Season 3!

Flash and Harley

Apr 8, 2017

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go… back to 1916 and run into our past selves causing a paradox and perhaps destroying time itself!


Seriously though, we could be on the beach, drinking mai tai’s with girls in bikinis. Anyway, Rip discovered he was miniaturized in Star Labs and made a break for the nearest open window to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Rory laughs at mini Rip and shakes the Waverider around like a toy. Puzzled, the team ask him why the Legion used the Spear of Destiny to shrink him and he informs them he must have used Ray’s Atom suit. The Legends head to Star Labs to recover the suit and are interrupted by Damien Darhk. Rory saves Ray and Jax so Ray can restore the Waverider and Rip to the correct dimensions. The Waverider busts out of Star Labs and the team explains the plan to Rip.

In 1916, the Legends come-up with a plan to steal the Spear of Destiny and destroy it. Step 1: recover the blood of Christ from its burial place in no man’s land. Ray uncovers the blood of Christ easily and is confronted by Eobard Thawne. He shatters the vial and rips Ray’s heart from his chest, killing future Ray. The Legends reconvene on the Waverider to come-up with a different plan now that one of their ranks has been killed. They decide to send Rory, Nate and Rip onto the Waverider in 1916 and steal the Spear while their past selves are off at the church looking for burial place of Sir Gawain. All goes, awkwardly, according to plan until Nate becomes distracted by Amaya and is late meeting Rory and Rip. The delay causes their past selves to return to the Waverider before they can leave. The 1916 Legends sense that something is awry and unknowingly capture their future selves. As the Legends, past and future, meet one another, a time quake rocks the Waverider.

The Legion has discovered the Waverider and attack, attempting to catch both sets of Legends by surprise and recover the Spear to ensure Doomworld. The Legends come-up with a plan when an attempt to time jump goes horribly wrong and they cause a time storm. The Waverider’s time drive is damaged and the past Legends need to make a break for the other Waverider to ensure the safety of the Spear. The future Legends take-on the Legion and are killed one by one until only Sara and Rip are left.

After subduing Darhk and Snart, the Legends are confronted by Reverse Flash with several time remnants to help him combat the Legends and recover the Spear. As a last resort, Sara uses the Spear and ensures Doomworld will never come to pass. Just when Thawne thinks he has the better of them, he discovers the Spear has been depowered and the Black Flash has been summoned to destroy him, once and for all?

With the Spear depowered and reality intact, Sara, the last remaining future Legend, fades from existence. The “past” Legends return Snart and Darhk to their places in the timeline and the team returns to the Waverider to find Rip is departing. After all their hard work, Rory attempts to plot a course to Aruba 2017, but a time storm rocks the Waverider and lands them in LA 2017.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…


Rip Hunter returns for Season 3!

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Apr 1, 2017

My name is Eobard Thawne. I used the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality and imprison the Legends in their own personal hell. Now I must destroy the Spear and their hopes of altering this brave, new world.


I've made Damien Darhk the mayor and rid Star City of all the vigilante filth trying to save it. Merlin is as pesky as ever even with his family restored to the timeline. Of course, I run Star Labs after I eliminated Central City's Flash epidemic. Snart and Rory are back to their old selves, content to rob banks even though they own half the city.

Jax is making Dr. Stein’s life a living hell so he will quickly design a nuclear reactor for me so hot it will incinerate the Spear. Mr. Palmer has no idea he's a billionaire genius and is cleaning toilets for a living. Rip Hunter is confined to a model sized Waverider prison where I expect he is slowly driving himself mad out of boredom. Just one small problem I've asked Snart and Rory to handle: Mr. Heywood suspects this reality is a false one and wants me to fix it. He’ll be dead soon enough.

Well it turns out Mr. Rory missed his friends and double crossed Snart when he tried to kill Mr. Heywood. Now they are on the loose, recruiting the Legends and restoring their memories of their original reality. It looks like Mr. Jackson failed to recruit Dr. Stein to the cause. A silent alarm was tripped and it looks like the reactor is ready to destroy the Spear. I'd better prepare another monologue and give them all time to take the Spear from me.

What's this? Damien, Snart and Merlin have banded together to take the Spear from me. Don't they know they are moving in slow motion compared to me? BAM! Well, that was unexpected. These fools are tossing the Spear around like a baton. It seems Mr. Rory fancies himself a Legend after all, perhaps Snart can recover the Spear before someone uses it.

Time to end this before more people are frozen to death or burned alive. I'm going to cement this reality once and for all by destroying the Spear.

Gideon, more rum!


New Characters on Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow

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Mar 25, 2017

One spear to rule them all, one spear to find them, one spear to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


Rip Hunter reveals the Legion of Doom has been hiding out of time at the Vanishing Point. The Legends return, seeking the final two pieces of the Spear. On reconnaissance duty, the Atom keeps an eye on Thawne while staying out of sight this time. Jax and Rip find pieces of the Spear hidden in an obelisk that Firestorm quickly transmutes into jelly beans (yum!). Rory revisits the spot where Snart sacrificed himself to save the team and Sara urges him to return to the ship before they are caught. Thawne is notified that the vault holding the Spear has been compromised, but he is too late. The Waverider vanishes before his eyes as he speeds out of his lair.

The Legends lay the pieces of the Spear in close proximity and it heals itself into one whole Spear before their eyes. In an attempt to destroy it, Mick lights up the Spear with his heat gun, but no damage is done. Instead, a fiery writing appears on the Spear. Nate translates the message: born of blood, undone by blood. The Legends decide the only course of action is to destroy the Ring, er, Spear, by obtaining the blood of Christ. According to legend, it’s buried in the north of France and the team decide to travel to the one point in time they can go to and consult with the man who wrote an account of the legend: J.R.R. Tolkien.

The historical record shows J.R.R. Tolkien was stationed in the north of France during World War I and contracted trench fever. He was subsequently discharged. Posing as British army medical personnel, Rip and Nate “kidnap” Tolkien and cure his fever so he may assist them in finding the blood of Christ. While searching for Tolkien, Rory is confronted by Leonard Snart, and divulges their entire plan because he thinks he is hallucinating. Unfortunately, Snart has been recruited from the past to join the Legion of Doom.

Back on the Waverider, Rory hears the Spear calling to him, willing him to change his destiny. Stein confronts Rory, warning to stay away from the Spear and Rory gets in his face, telling him about Snart. Stein assures him he is seeing things and he heads out with the Backstreet Boys to a chapel in Amiens. After discovering the resting place of Sir Gawain and a map to the blood of Christ, the Legion of Doom arrives on the scene and confronts our team. Rory stands by the Legends and helps them escape back to the Waverider.

Amaya admits to Rory that she can also hear the Spear calling to her. Sara calls a team meeting and a plan is formed for the Fellowship of the Spear. Amaya channels her inner Boromir, insisting they can use the powerful artifact to their advantage, but the Fellowship out votes her and decide to travel to No Man’s Land/Mordor to retrieve the blood of Christ and destroy the Spear/Ring.

The Legends head into the Battle of the Somme and broker a cease fire long enough to remain in one piece and retrieve the blood. Sara hands the Spear of Destiny to Mick and uncovers the vial. The Legion of Doom arrives and Mick, feeling the Legends have never truly trusted him, joins the Legion and delivers the Spear. Eobard Thawne speeds in and carries the Legion members, and Mick, back to the Vanishing Point. The ceasefire has ended and our team fights their way back to the Waverider.

Merlin joins the Legion with the Word of God to activate the Spear and change the course of destiny.

Don’t play with fire, Mick.

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Mar 18, 2017

Eobard Thawne takes on Jack Swigert’s identity and hitches a ride to the moon on the Apollo 13 mission. The Legends track down Commander Steel to convince him to turn over his piece of the Spear for safekeeping.


Rip Hunter leaves Henry Heywood in 1965 with the final piece of the Spear of Destiny. He disappears into the crowd as Rip Hunter leads the Legends to the exact spot where he left him, but Commander Steel has already disappeared. The Legends return to the ship and deduce that Henry Heywood must be working for NASA. Sara commands the team to infiltrate NASA and locate Henry.

Rip and Ray find Henry preparing to brief the press on the mission. As Rip approaches Henry and holds out his hand, Henry punches Rip in the face. He takes proper press credentials pretty seriously! Sara, Nate and Amaya join Ray and Henry who has locked Rip in a room. They explain why they have come for him in 1970 and he assures them his piece of the Spear is safe because it is not any where on Earth. He’s hidden it inside the flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon.

As soon as the Odyssey goes radio silent, Eobard Thawne resumes his own identity after knocking out the other astronauts. He heads into the lunar module just as miniaturized Ray enters the command module and spots him. Ray tries to stow away with him, but Thawne sees him and an epic space fight ensues. Thanks to zero gravity, Thawne cannot use his superspeed and both are on an equal playing field. Ray shoots Thawne with his phaser and disengages the lunar module. It’s now up to Ray to land the lunar module on the moon.

Back on Earth, Jax, Stein and Rory are posing as British controllers. Sara radios down to let them know Ray is about to crash land on the moon and Stein quickly comes-up with a plan to distract the room of flight controllers while Jax cuts the feed. Daylight come and me won go home! Ray more or less lands safely on the moon without enough fuel to launch the LEM back into space. While he retrieves the piece of the Spear, the rest of the Legends onboard the Waverider rescue the command module which is headed straight for an asteroid field. Rip and Sara argue about the best course of action and she ultimately uses the Waverider to shield the command module from the asteroids, causing irreparable damage to the ship. All nonessential systems are shut down, including Gideon.

Sara gives Ray the bad news and lets him know he will have to find a way off the moon on his own. With the damage to the Waverider, she won’t be able to pick him up as planned. Thawne convinces Ray that he needs his help and they form a temporary alliance to reroute the dwarf star energy from Ray’s suit to fuel the LEM and reconnect with the command module. On Sara’s mark, they launch the LEM and head straight for the command module, which Sara maneuvers in place with the tractor beam. Eobard is escorted immediately to the brig.

With the Odyssey intact on the way home, our team celebrates. Dr. Stein, however, has done the math and realizes it will be next to impossible for the Legends to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, their prisoner is an expert in astronavigation and already knows the angle at which the Waverider needs to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere to remain intact. Unfortunately, they are one degree off the right angle and the only way to correct is to open the cargo bay, by hand. First Rip, then Sara, volunteer, but Henry has already left. Rip coaches him through opening the door as Nate runs to talk him out of it. His son is waiting in mission control. Henry tells Nate to give Hank a message and opens the cargo door. The Waverider is now on course to safely enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

As soon as the Legends land, Eobard phases through the glass and Ray keeps him talking just long enough for his Black Flash alarm to go off. Thawne speeds off with no time to look for the other pieces of the Spear.

In the final scene, we see Amaya ask Gideon about her future, but you aren’t supposed to know what your future holds…



Air and Space Museum - Apollo 13 Mission

Arrow Wikia - Appearance Stealing Device

FAA Training Manuals - Returning from Space


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Mar 11, 2017

The Waverider falls through the time stream and lands in the Cretaceous Period after evil Rip Hunter utters the override command and forces Gideon to obey him once again.

Spaniel. Broad. Tricycle.


The Legends have deduced who has the final piece of the Spear but not when he might be hidden. Gideon searches for the piece using the medallion but cannot process data fast enough to find the location before Rip uses her to escape from the brig. He takes the medallion, initiates the Spectrum protocol and attempts to make it to the jump ship and escape from the Waverider. The Legends confront him and he destroys the medallion. Now, only Rip knows when Commander Steel is with the final piece.

Mick knocks Rip unconscious while Jax reboots the ship, sending them into a freefall through time. Gideon comes back online and jumps to the oldest location in her logs, which happens to be the same time period where Ray was stranded in the premiere of this season. Unfortunately, a vital piece of the ship has been lost during the rough landing. Ray sets out to recover it from his old stomping grounds with Nate and Amaya.

Meanwhile on the Waverider, Mick explains to Sara the Time Masters used a process called coggy something, ah yes, Cognitive Intrusion. It is a barbaric Matrix-style process that let’s Sara and Jax enter the subconscious mind of Rip Hunter. While Martin and Mick supervise, Sara and Jax take a trip down the rabbit hole to change Rip back to his old self. As soon as they arrive, they realize they are still on the Waverider in Rip’s mind with some key changes.

Rip’s memory of Vandal Savage’s soldiers march past them as they begin to search for Rip. Searching for weapons to defend themselves, Sara encounters her evil doppelganger. After defeating herself, Sara and Jax continue to search for Rip and come face to face with evil versions of Sara, Firestorm, Ray and Rory (well, Rory is pretty much the same, but still). Jax takes off with Firestorm in pursuit, but Sara is knocked out by evil Ray and tossed in the brig. Surprisingly, Rip is cowering in the corner, terrified of everything around him and forgetting who he really is. After giving Firestorm the slip, Jax finds Gideon in human form, presumably as Rip has always imagined her. They find Sara and Rip and help them escape.

Gideon explains that only Rip can defeat the evil version of the Legends keeping him imprisoned in his own mind. Sara and Jax wake-up while Rip completes the final obstacle in his mind: leaving a human Gideon behind. In a tender moment, Rip kisses Gideon and wakes up from his trance, finally restored to his former self. He joins the Legends on the bridge as one by one, they welcome him back to the team.

In the final scene, we learn where the final piece of the Spear is hidden. Eobard Thawne is posing as a doctor for the space program in 1970 and is about to “examine” astronaut Jack Swigert, a last minute addition to the Apollo 13 team.

Houston, we have a problem.

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Feb 25, 2017

The Spear of Destiny has been secreted away in the Year 3000 and in King Arthur’s Court. Dr. Midnight and Star Girl return to Legends as safekeepers of the Spear.


In an unlucky turn of events, Rip Hunter, now turned evil and working with the Legion of Doom, originally hid all four pieces of the Spear of Destiny. He travels to the year 3000 where Dr. Midnight is living with a piece of the Spear hidden inside his own body. After Rip cuts it out of him and borrows some nifty mind control technology, he travels to Camelot to find the third piece of the Spear.

Aboard the Waverider, Gideon has tracked down the piece of the Spear in 3000 using Lily’s algorithm. Just as our team is about to lock onto its location, it falls off the radar. The Legends investigate the last known location of the Spear and discover Dr. Midnight’s body. He’s left a bloody clue on the floor, naming his killer as Rip Hunter. Saddened by her friend’s death. Amaya lashes out at Sara, accusing her of letting Rip go because he was her former captain and friend.

Gideon tracks another piece of the Spear to the island of Britannia in 542 AD. Dressed in their finest Renaissance gear, the Legends arrive and are confronted by none other than Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table. Ray recognizes King Arthur’s crest on the shield and requests to be escorted to Camelot. It turns out Star Girl has adopted the identity of Merlin the wizard and turned the fictional Camelot into a reality.

Star Girl explains to the Legends, and Amaya, what really happened to the JSA in 1956. Their final mission to Leipzig was in fact to recover the Spear of Destiny and led by none other than the Time Master, Rip Hunter. The Legends are enjoying the hospitality of the Queen when we see King Arthur in the woods, confronting the Black Knight. He reveals himself to be Damien Dahrk and Rip Hunter steps from the shadows with the mind control technology.

Pretending Arthur has captured the Black Knight, Rip telepathically leads Arthur into his own court and then reveals he has control over him. Damien and Rip deliver the ultimatum to Star Girl and leave with Arthur. Amaya tries to convince Star Girl to turn over the Spear for safe keeping, but Star Girl insists the Spear is safe. Amaya uses the Longinus medallion to track down the Spear any way and pulls the Spear from the Stone. Star Girl relents, admits her heart is in Camelot, and gives Amaya the Spear for safe keeping after all.

Ray has decided to join the battle for Camelot, and despite Nate’s insistence that he will die trying, Ray pushes his luck in the battle for Camelot. Nate, Amaya and Sara join Ray in the fight against an army being controlled by Rip Hunter while Jax, Stein and Rory attempt to hack the technology and save the day. In the end, Mick taps into the darkness in his head to fry the devices controlling King Arthur’s army. Damien Darhk escapes after battling with Ray and his saber of light (trademark issues) and our team captures Rip Hunter.

In the final scene aboard the Waverider, Rip calls out to Gideon who answers, “I’m here, Captain.”

You always are.


Summary and Comics list for Camelot 3000 series

Tough Mudder Short on CW Seed

Vixen: The Movie

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Feb 11, 2017

Rip Hunter has joined forces with the Legion of Doom and kills George Washington to lure our band of misfits to 1776. The Legends have no choice but to respond to the obvious trap that Rip has set for them, otherwise, the United States will cease to exist. Who knew time travel could be so much fun?

Our team attempts to save George Washington the night before Rip Hunter kills him, however, Rip is more prepared. He knows exactly which point in time they will try to rescue Washington and hits them with an unexpected surprise: an EMP. Powerless, Sara and Mick escort Washington out of the house in an attempt to save his life, but Rip is already there. He shoots Sara, leaves her for dead, and takes Washington and Rory prisoner for General Cornwallis.

Nate and Amaya rush Sara to the Waverider where Dr. Stein, a physicist, attempts to save her life without Gideon’s assistance. Meanwhile, Sara leaves Jax in charge and he sends Nate and Amaya to rescue Washington and Rory. He also sets some traps for Rip and the red coats that force their way onto the defenseless Waverider.

On the way to save Washington and Rory, Nate and Amaya are ambushed by Hessian soldiers. Nate falls into the river and is suffering from hypothermia, so Amaya abandons the fight to save Nate. While they are distracted, Rory and Washington discuss what it means to be an American and devise a plan to save their necks, literally.

Back on the Waverider, Jax and Rip play a game of cat and mouse while Rip searches for the Spear of Destiny. Eventually, Jax runs out of moves and Rip goes straight for the throat, Sara’s throat. After bringing her back from the brink of death, Stein is knocked out and Jax bargains with Rip to leave Sara alone. We see how Rip is truly evil after Jax gives up the location of the Spear and he kills her anyway.

Jax sinks to the floor in disbelief and despair while Ray runs for his life when a rat sneaks up on him in the air ducts. He turns on the power in the nick of time and Gideon manages to save Sara’s life. Believing Sara to be dead, Jax has chased after Rip to confront and kill him. Saved and healed by Gideon, Sara chases after Jax to talk him out of it, successfully. The British are coming, and Rip escapes with the Spear.

Back on the Waverider, our team celebrates their victory with a special Christmas dinner. After all, why not? When you live in the temporal zone, time is what you make it!

Who writes this crap anyway?

Want to know who Black Lightning is? Well here you go!

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Feb 5, 2017

My name is Damien Darhk and this week, you'll be joining the Legion of Doom as we torture Rip Hunter and concoct a plan to trap a speedster in a bank vault. But first, we travel back to 2016 and recruit a dejected Malcolm Merlyn to our cause. 

Eobard Thawne has set Merlyn and Darhk to the task of torturing the location of the rest of the Spear of Destiny from Rip Hunter, who annoyingly insists his name is Phil. When Merlyn failed to reveal the truth with hypnosis, Darhk discovered his molar contains account information for a safe deposit box in 2025. As Thawne speeds off again, Merlyn and Darhk argue and then decide to use Rip/Phil to access the safe deposit box. All goes according to plan until Rip doesn't remember the pass code to access the vault.

Meanwhile, the Legends are still trying to discover who the mystery speedster is after Stein's daughter Lily discovers how the Longinus medallion actually works. After Lily and Ray hook-up the medallion to Gideon and download the contents to her hard drive, Mick accidentally slips and tells Lily she is a time aberration. She confronts her father and they work on their communication skills until their "new" relationship is mended. During these exchanges, Dr. Stein comes to the conclusion that the mystery speedster must be Eobard Thawne, since he is the only speedster he knows of that does not exist.

After this failed attempt to access the vault, Darhk and Merlyn return to the bank after dark and shoot their way into the bank. Merlyn acquires the bank manager's code so they can access the vault without needing Rip. Just as they discover the contents of the safety deposit box, Thawne speeds into the vault and takes the memory device from their hands, but Darhk and Merlyn have formed an alliance. They lock Thawne in the vault and force him to explain what he keeps running from. We see visions of a speedster dressed in black that looks like a zombie and tracks down Thawne using the speed force. Darhk suggest that Thawne simply stop running so the thing tracking Thawne cannot find him. Using Thawne as bait, they trap the speedster hunter in the vault and form a true partnership.

Back at their secret lair, Thawne alters Rip's memories before "uploading" them to his brain. In the closing scene, Rip Hunter shoots General Washington point blank in the chest.

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Jan 28, 2017

Welcome back aboard the Waverider as we return from our mid-season hiatus. Join our Legends for a trip to 1960's LA to rescue Phil Gasmer fka Rip Hunter who has been in possession of a piece of the Spear of Destiny the entire time. We first join Rip six months ago when he uses the Spear of Destiny to "hide" himself in time after he scattered our Legends throughout time in order to save them.

Dr. Stein stumbles onto Mick Rory talking to his dead partner, who is plaguing his conscience. Despite his efforts to drink the memory of Snart away, he forces our doctor of nuclear physics to become a doctor of medicine. After removing technology from Mick's head, Dr. Stein concludes that Snart is just a figment of his conscience and manifestation of his own feelings.

Meanwhile, our team discovers the use of the amulet and tracks an aberration to same location where they discover their former captain has risen from the dead. After a clash with the Legion of Doom, our team rescues Phil/Rip and scares George Lucas, his prop master, straight out of film school. With our team getting dumber by the moment, they set out to convince George Lucas to return to film school and recover the Spear of Destiny. 

"Rip" returns to help our team defeat the Legion of Doom and recover the Spear of Destiny and the amulet. However, he's only pretending to be Rip and while our team is retreating Thawne speeds away with Rip/Phil.

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Dec 25, 2016

The Legends travel to Chicago in 1927 which is the height of Prohibition and the reign of Al Capone. Thawne and Damien Darhk have recruited a newbie to their Legion of Doom, Malcolm Merlyn. Together, they lure our team to 1927 with the attempted assassination of Elliot Ness which causes a huge aberration. 

Our team takes the bait hook, line and sinker and fall right into the clutches of the growing legion of doom! Sara comes to terms with losing Laurel, and helps Stein work through his anguish of what to do about his new daughter. Rory takes charge of our crew to infiltrate Capone's base, the criminal way, all the while building a closer bond with Vixen. 

It's a mobster's town in this mid season finale! Good fun, some revelations revealed, and pretty tense moments with Eobard Thawne! And what's that at the end? Rip Hunter?

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Dec 24, 2016

Alright Legendaires! This is the big second part of the epic crossover event!

Stick with Flash and Harley as they get to your favorite featured sections from this three show special, quote of the week, nitpicks and feedback!

Speaking of, we got some great feedback from our loyal listeners, and some fantastic quotes for you to choose from, but we didn't say it will be easy!

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Dec 10, 2016

Join Flash and Harley as worlds collide for this special crossover event! Our Legends team-up with Team Flash, Team Arrow and even Supergirl to take on the Dominators, an alien race set on destroying the meta human threat. 

This week's episode is the final installment of the three-part event where our team identifies a way to stop the Dominators once and for all (or did they)? We have time travel, metahumans, trick arrows and more! Be sure to tune into all three shows for your crossover needs.

This is part one of our epic crossover coverage!

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Nov 20, 2016

We join the Legends as they travel back to the Wild West to aid Jonah Hex in stopping his nemesis, Quentin Turnbull. Another rogue time pirate has inadvertently given Turnbull the ability to find rare dwarf star. Turnbull proceeds to mine the dwarf star and take over the entire town of Liberty, Colorado. 

Our Legends are notified of a time quake/aberration and head off to 1874. On their way to the coordinates, they witness Turnbull's men trying to hang Jonah Hex and save him. Back on the Waverider, Nate discovers Turnbull has managed to change the course of history by isolating the Wild West from the East and calling it Turnbull Country.

The team splits up in order to find out what Turnbull is up to and flush him out into the open. Nate, Ray and Jax pose as accountants to learn more information about the mine. Once they learn it's location, they head out to see what Turnbull is mining and discover it is dwarf star.

Meanwhile, Sara sends Mick and Vixen into the saloon to start a fight and flush Turnbull out. When Mick and Turnbull have unexpected chemistry, the plan backfires and Hex storms in, ready to fight Turnbull. Unfortunately, the entire bar turns their guns on Hex and a fight ensues. Nate, Ray and Jax rejoin the team in time to flee back to the Waverider, Mick steps up to fight Turnbull and Nate has to save him. Nate is shot with a dwarf star bullet and we learn his weakness.

While Gideon saves Nate, Ray discovers how Turnbull intends to use the dwarf star. He plans to load it onto a train and blow-up Summit Pass, cutting off the only supply route between the East and the West. Again, the team separates to stop both the train and Turnbull. Nate, Ray and Jax figure out how to stop the train while Sara and Hex get Turnbull alone. Meanwhile, Mick and Vixen head into the mine with explosive results. 

In the end, Nate stops the train single-handed and earns himself a new suit to go with his super powers and bravery. Turnbull is subdued and his supply of dwarf star is appropriated by the Legends.

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Nov 12, 2016

Don't get your time streams crossed as we travel back to the '80s for this week's episode. Damien Darhk is doing his best Miami Vice impression while requesting payment for nefarious dealings in rare relics. The Reverse Flash speeds into the scene, taking out several DEA agents in the process, to tell Darhk he can offer him real power.

Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Jax and Dr. Stein are arguing about their role to protect history. Jax wants to make things better, a little at a time, while Dr. Stein and Sara argue they have been charged with protecting history. Jax sees the team as little better than time janitors, cleaning up other people's messes. We see Ray trying to get the hang of the cold gun under Mick's tutelage and Nate has managed to build a time seismograph. As he explains it to Amaya, it goes off, signaling a large time quake originating at the White House in 1987.

Nate and Amaya try to locate the JSA while the rest of our team infiltrates the White House while taking a tour. Dr. Stein runs into his younger self, who is now working at the White House since the aberration occurred. Mick and Ray discover the source of the aberration when they encounter Darhk amongst the President's advisers. They report back to Sara who switches off coms and goes to confront Darhk and avenge her sister. A security agent at the White House notices her knife and stops her just as Mick and Rory catch-up with her. A stand-off ensues and Firestorm comes to the rescue.

Back on the Waverider, our team argue over their blown mission, blaming Sara and Ray for blowing the operation. Nate and Amaya question Obsidian about what happened to the JSA and learned they were all killed on a mission to Leipzig in 1956. After learning of Darhk's plan, Ray and Mick stake out the park to find out his plans. Just as Darhk begins his meeting with the KGB, young Dr. Stein interrupts the meeting and does not realize what is happening until it is too late. Darhk stabs him and leaves him for dead. Our Legends bring him aboard the Waverider, again, to save the lives of both Dr. Steins.

During the stake out, they learn about the state dinner and Amaya convinces Obsidian to get them into the dinner. The team goes in and finds Darhk in a basement, brokering a deal with the Russians for another relic. A fight breaks out and just as Sara confronts Darhk, spelling out his future, the Reverse Flash speeds through and takes Darhk away. While this has been happening, Ray and Mick are working to disable the bomb Darhk has placed upstairs. 

In the final scene, we see Darhk enter the time sphere and Reverse Flash sends him somewhere in time.

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Nov 4, 2016

The show opens with a sick time pirate escaping from 2235 with a futuristic bioweapon. As he struggles to fly the ship, he radios for help, indicating his partner was infected with the bioweapon and has killed everyone. He crashlands in 1863 Mississippi, and surrounded by Confederate soldiers, transforms into a zombie.

The Legends receive the time beacon and decide to pay a visit to 1863 and find the time pirate to prevent him from causing an aberration. Without his Atom suit, Ray stays behind on the Waverider while the rest of the team locates the time ship and destroys it. Our team is attempting to discover where the time pirate went when a hoard of zombies chases Henry Scott, a dispatch, right into their path. After an altercation with the zombies, Henry Scott dies and Mick is bitten by one of the zombies.

Back on the Waverider, the Legends try to plot a course of action when they realize the introduction of zombies into the Civil War has caused the Union to lose, which would forever alter history. They remain in 1863 to carry out Henry Scott's mission, help the Union and defeat the zombies to secure the future of the United States.

Jax and Amaya go undercover as slaves in order to steal intel on Confederate troop movements and deliver it to the Union army as Henry Scott was charged to do. In this intense storyline, Jax and Amaya witness firsthand what their ancestors endured at the hands of evil men. Jay oversteps his boundaries and finds himself locked in the barn. When Amaya loses touch with him, she takes matters into her own hands and rescues Jax and the remainder of the slaves at Collins Plantation. They watch the plantation burn to the ground before delivering their intelligence to the Union Army.

Sara and Nate seek out General Grant and attempt to warn him about the zombies coming to eradicate his army. After showing Grant what zombies are, Sara and Nat devise a plan to destroy the army using nitroglycerin and Nate's tenuous grasp of his superpowers. Just as they are running low on ammunition, Nate leads the zombies away from the Union army and blows them all up using the nitroglycerin. He transforms into Citizen Steel to protect himself from both the zombies and the explosion. 

Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Ray and Martin have their hands full when Mick transforms into a zombie and Ray runs into issues with his zombie vaccine. A series of amusing scenes ensue when it is revealed that Dr. Stein is terrified of zombies and Mick has them cornered. The two scientists work together to cure Mick and any remaining zombies in 1863. To show his appreciation, Mick gives the cold gun to Ray and makes him his new partner. 

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Nov 1, 2016

Holy Ninjas, Batman! Join the Legends for an accidental trip to feudal Japan that does not disappoint. We have samurais. We have ninjas. We have great fight scenes!

The show opens with Vixen sneaking around the Waverider and incapacitating most of our team. At last she holds a knife to Rory's throat and accuses him of murdering Rex Tyler. Dr. Heywood awakens and discovers a new ability, saving Rory from Vixen, who explains a time traveler has murdered Rex Tyler. Sara makes the connection to the mysterious time traveler causing the aberrations in the timeline.

Meanwhile, Ray is "training" Citizen Steel when their antics toss them both into time stream, and eventually feudal Japan. Dr. Heywood is rescued by Masako Yamashiro while Ray is captured by the Shogun. The Atom Suit becomes the property of the Shogun, making him virtually unstoppable. Dr. Heywood learns who the Shogun is and that Masako is to be married to him, ensuring her death. 

Sara, Mick and Amaya leave the Waverider in search of their lost companions when they discover the Shogun has taken possession of Ray's Atom suit. They run into Ray as they are escaping from the Shogun and flee to find Nate. Once reunited, our Legends brainstorm ideas on how to stop the Shogun and save the village. 

Back on the Waverider, Jax and Dr. Stein are making repairs to the Waverider when they discover a secret compartment. Not only did Rip keep the existence of this compartment hidden from Jax and the rest of the team, but it contains a full armory and a mysterious voicemail from 2056 Barry Allen. 

The Legends have a final showdown with the Shogun and his samurais. Ray and Nate take out the Shogun while Sara and Amaya take on the samurais. Mick is waylaid by ninjas on his way to join Sara and Amaya. After some epic fight scenes, the Legends are victorious, even if Mick has no proof he encountered ninjas. 

Ray and Nate return the Katana sword and armor to the Yamashiros, entrusting Masako with the safekeeping of her village. Goodbyes are exchanged and our team boards the Waverider with the vague mission of finding the time traveler who killed Rex Tyler.

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Oct 25, 2016

This week, we join the Legends in 1942, the year in which they were doomed to die as they team-up with the Justice Society of America. But before they join forces, the JSA captures the Legends in a battle where they show off their coordination and super powers. Our "team" just cannot keep up!

The JSA deliberate how to best deal with the Legends, who at best belong in a mental institution according to their assessment, and refuse to believe their time travel story. Dr. Heywood reveals intimate details about Commander Steel, details only a very close family member would know, and we learn Dr. Heywood has met his own grandfather who died before he was born. The JSA release the Legends from their prison and they explain how and when they have met Rex Tyler.

In flashback, Rex Tyler informs the team they will all die in 1942 and proceeds to vanish right before their eyes. Tyler has no recollection of this encounter because for him, in 1942, it hasn't happened yet. 

We cut to Paris 1942 and see Eobard Thawne meeting with Herr Krieger to give him a super serum. His goal is to destroy the JSA and deliver America to Hitler on a silver platter. He is also searching for an amulet with mysterious powers.

In a less then democratic fashion, Dr. Stein is named captain of the Legends and the team decide how best to continue on their mission of preventing aberrations. Sara tries to kick Dr. Heywood off the team, but they discover his dog tags have disappeared and the JSA is in mortal danger. They return to 1942 to save the JSA.

Dr. Stein goes undercover as Max Lorenz, a famous Austrian singer, and treats us to a rendition of Edelweiss. Meanwhile, the team is working to procure intel on the whereabouts of the amulet. After Ray refuses to salute Hitler, a brawl ensues and the rest of the JSA come to the rescue. 

After convincing the JSA they need their help, our Legends track down the convoy carrying the amulet. During the battle, Ray and Vixen are captured by Herr Krieger. As Sara and Rex deliberate on the best way to complete the mission, Ray comes up with a plan to free himself and Vixen with a microscope.

The JSA and the Legends work together to recover Ray and Vixen and return to the Waverider. As they are heading back, Dr. Heywood and Commander Steel encounter a bomb and Dr. Heywood is critically injured. Ray saves the day when he injects Dr. Heywood with an improved version of the super serum, saving his life. The JSA and the Legends say their goodbyes and our team leaves 1942. 

In the closing scene, we see Rex Tyler stowing the amulet for safekeeping. Eobard Thawne speeds into their lair and kills Rex Tyler to prevent him from warning the Legends not to return to 1942. He takes the amulet and Vixen finds Rex Tyler, dying, who tells her a time traveler has killed him. 

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Oct 15, 2016

Welcome back Legendaires! The anticipated Season 2 premiere did not disappoint! It was fun, fast-paced and set-up some big things for this season. We started the episode with the introduction of a brand new character, Dr. Nate Heywood, who has discovered our Legends are in trouble. He enlists the help of Oliver Queen to find the Waverider and discover what happened to the Legends.

Aboard the Waverider, we find Mick Rory in stasis and are reminded of the closing scene of the finale where Rex Tyler encounters the Legends in 2016 to warn them about the dangers that lay ahead. Mick tells Oliver and Dr. Heywood what he remembers.

We join our team in France at the court of King Louis XIII where they are protecting the King from assassins traveling through time and disrupting key points in history. Hilarity and violence ensue when the rogue time travelers pull out laser guns and attempt to assassinate the King. Our team engages the assassins with the full force of their capabilities to the confusion of those around them. Meanwhile, Sara is keeping the Queen of France occupied. 

After successfully preventing the aberration, the team discusses their next destination aboard the Waverider. A time quake rocks the ship and Rip reveals that an A-bomb has destroyed New York in 1942, three years before the A-bomb was actually created. Despite Rex Tyler's warning of impending death, the team decides to travel to 1942 and prevent New York for being nuked by kidnapping Einstein. Meanwhile, Sara tracks down Damien Darkh in 1942 to kill him and avenge Laurel. Ray stops her before she can kill him and they discover that he is working with the Germans.

After Stein, Rory and Rip kidnap Einstein, it is revealed that they have not saved New York and the aberration is still set to occur. Einstein reveals that his wife Mileva, is also capable of building an A-bomb and Darkh must have kidnapped her instead. The team sets off to confront Darkh and stop him from procuring the A-bomb. During the confrontation, Ray's suit cannot withstand the radiation for long enough to defuse the bomb and the team is forced to retreat without the bomb. 

Darkh boards a U-boat with the A-bomb and arms a torpedo with it. Rip steers the Waverider into the ocean and follows the U-boat to stop the Germans from nuking New York. When they fail to stop the U-boat before the torpedo is launched, Rip uses the Time Scatter protocol to scatter the team throughout time. He then knocks out Rory and puts him in stasis since his injuries prevent him from traveling through time. The final scene of the flashback shows Rip aboard the Waverider and the bomb exploding.

Back in present day, Oliver sends Dr. Heywood with Rory to find the rest of the team throughout history. The newest team member proceeds to find the Legends one by one throughout history and Mick pilots the Waverider to rescue them all. Once the team is assembled, Dr. Heywood reveals he cannot find any trace of Rip and Gideon plays his touching final message. Without Rip, our team makes one final change to history to ensure the Einstein's safety. As they are about to board the Waverider, they are stopped by four members of the JSA.

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